Water Damage Mitigation Is Founded In Science

The water damage restoration industry is headed by scientists.  The IICRC certified professionals who operate within the water mitigation industry practice a science known as psychrometrics. We are highly skilled contractors trained to perform in high stress situations while providing emergency services for your home or office.

What distinguishes water mitigation contractors from other kinds of contractors is the nature of providing emergency water damage services.  To better serve our customers, we must have and maintain a fluid standard operating procedure.  This allows us to be flexible, direct and accurate at the same time as we apply the science of water damage mitigation.

Water Damage Restoration And Mitigation Logic

I have always attended live classroom trainings my IICRC water damage related certifications.  In class we would conduct experiments by breaking off into groups.  After all the groups had their problems solved, each group would present their solution to the class.  Without fail, if there were four groups, we found four different but correct approaches to solving the problem.







Each group demonstrated how to restore balance to the indoor environment.  Psychometrics, or the science of water damage restoration, is algebraic because we are always looking to balance the equation in terms of the humidity and excess water within a dwelling. At Flood Metrix we determine a of course of action based on science to achieve a result.

Masters Of Mitigation

Water damage mitigation is a game of chess.  It is literally the water mitigation professional versus the actual water mitigation problem.  In a game of chess there are different pieces such as ponds, bishops, rooks, knights, king and a queen and so it is with the professional affiliations of a water damage company such as Flood Metrix.  To better serve the Flood Metrix customer, we take time to network with like-minded professionals qualified to serve our customers in times of need.  Like a game of chess, each referred professional ready to come in and play their role in restoring your home or office like new or better.

When a customer experiences a flood or water damage there are several trade skills necessary for completing their project.  A good water damage restoration contractor should strive to be the entire solution for their customer.  Striving to become the complete solution to your customers problem requires you to develop a network of professionals who reflect the same standards and qualities reflected by brand.  Metrix adds value to our customers industry through the power of relationship.   By creating something that is strong enough make other people want to spread the word.  One can only imagine the fortune and goodwill behind having a customer buy into your business. 

Homeowners love a connected contractor.  A contractor who already has an established network of professionals they trust enough to recommend.  Homeowners want to be able to quickly check out sources from somebody they know and trust.  Such resource provides options, insight, and reassurance on with how to proceed in a state of emergency.  This is important because it requires a lot requires a lot of effort a lot of energy to help bring someone back from the experience of a water damage or flood.

This is why Flood Metrix is always looking to hire qualified talent and investors.  We are also always looking for businesses to network with, in order to benefit from the power of professional affiliation.  Among the many ways businesses can benefit and prosper by applying the principles of networking is the power to generate awareness, sells, and long-term customer loyalty.









Becoming a part of the community consciousness as a recognized brand that can be trusted has less to do with time than we often believe.  Contractors commonly believe that it takes 20 years or longer to become a reputable and recognized local business.  Actually, this is not so much of a time factor, as it is a factor of organization and refinement.  Refining and expanding your capabilities as a professional to be able serve the water damage industry and the people who you serve in a more complete way.

Inherent to this principle, we reap an additional value not just in cash form, in other words, how do you put a number on a person’s loyalty to your brand? At this point in technology, a person can follow, like, share and comment on social media, but never make a purchase.  However, the investment of their attention and engagement does have value or power to influence someone else who does purchase.

Insurance Accepted, financing Available

Adding Value To The Water Damage Mitigation Industry

The ultimate goal of being a service professional is to take a homeowner off of the market. Once you become a Metrix Restoration customer, dba Mold Metrix or Flood Metrix, you are off the market.  In which ever way we are able to provide you with service, we are looking to do so. As a water damage restoration contractor it may be necessary to contract specialty aspects to other experts, this is the nature of a contractor.

Water Damage Mitigation Is A Distinguished Service Trade

The water damage restoration industry is connected to many trades in the home services industry.  These include plumbers, remodelers, public adjustors, content storage and more. Certain aspects of water damage projects require that related industry specialist be involved. Emergency water damage response and emergency plumbing are special skills and designations, like badges of honor.  History records that throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, the water damage restoration industry was considered essential.  It is important for homeowners to recognize this distinguishing industry characteristic.  Within each water damage restoration project there are at least three specialty trades: Plumbing, Mitigation, Reconstruction and each aspect should be performed by a qualified specialist.

If you or anyone you know has a water damage restoration or mold remediation project call or visit our website.  There you can find our referrals to companies who provide restoration and related services in your area.  If Metrix does not provide mitigation services in your area, we can still help as we work with companies nationwide.  Remember, choose Metrix over the Matter, because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.

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