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If you are looking for the most reliable Flood & Water Damage Restoration Company near me in Northern Virginia & Southern Maryland, introducing Flood Metrix.

Metrix Restoration Careers

It is the pleasure of Metrix Restoration, NOVA territory, to accept new applicants into our management training program. By accepting this offer, qualified applicant shall thereby be employed by Metrix Restoration in the capacity of project manager in training.

Job Description

The management training program is a paid training program, including both classroom and on the job development and lasts 3 years based on participants experience and skill set. This program is designed to develop your capacity as project manager by instructing you through a detailed company curriculum. Completion of company curriculum shall be the prerequisite for I.I.C.R.C and other industry classroom training and certifications. During training and until provided with crew members, trainees shall work as restoration technicians and train to develop other skills related to project management for Metrix Restoration.


Trainees shall inherit responsibilities with progression of training. Such responsibilities shall include, but may not be limited to establishing trust with customer and defining project scopes, completing estimates in a timely manner, supervising project completion, document projects, serve as liaison between Metrix Restoration, the customer and adjuster. Project manager trainees shall also accept financial deposits and collect service agreement signatures, monitor and collect equipment and coordinate additional services. Project manager trainees shall assist crew members to their highest capacity for quality assurance and efficiency.


Ability to work within a team
Follow company guidelines and safety standards
Valid Driver’s License and a satisfactory driving record
Ability to work overtime and rotating on-call shift (our business operates 24/7)
Willingness to participate in all training as needed or required
Driving a company truck safely at all times
Report to work on time in a clean, complete uniform provided by the company
Ability to pass DOT physical exam and drug test (paid for by the company) DOT certificate is required in order to operate commercial vehicles.
Ability to wear full PPE including, gloves, respirators, tyvek bodysuits, & face masks.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions

Move up to 50 pounds often, by lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, or otherwise repositioning objects. Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time. Lifting, squatting, crawling and crouching is required. Express or exchange ideas with others; receive and act on detailed information given. For safety reasons, respirators, which are used in certain situations, must be able to seal to your face. Able to withstand exposure to various inside and outside working conditions and changes in environment, such as with or without air conditioning and heating.


By accepting this offer you are eligible to receive the following beginning on your first day of work:
A guaranteed pay for billable hours, distributed twice monthly. Metrix Restoration considers 30 hours or greater full time; the average full time work week is 30-50 hours. 30 minutes, unpaid, are assigned for lunch; travel time shall only be paid in route of project.
Project manager shall be ineligible for time and a half pay, but may receive project bonus as defined by company policy.
Hourly compensation shall begin at $18 and may be raised at company discretion, available company benefits shall be extended upon acceptance.
Uniforms and equipment shall be provided by Metrix Restoration; by accepting this offer, you agree to return all company property in satisfactory condition within 48 hours of employment termination. Qualified applicants must provide their own pants and boots.
Profit sharing will be paid on the profits of work closed and will be rendered within the normal pay cycle closest to payment processing. Work undertaken after hours in a home office environment that is not client facing and executed in support of project management or sales shall be also be covered by the Metrix profit sharing compensation scale below
Compensation Scale:
3% profit sharing on the profit of the first $35,000 of closed contracts each month, in addition to hourly compensation and bonuses.
5% profit sharing on the profit of the next $15,000 above $35,000 up to $50,000 in addition to hourly compensation and bonuses.
7% profit sharing on the profit above $50,000 in addition to hourly compensation and bonuses.
In keeping with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, this is an “at-will” employment agreement to which no advanced notice or reason need be provided by the employer for dismissal, nor by the employee for resignation.

You will be privy to trade practices, customer lists and processes ect., of Metrix Restoration. By accepting this offer you hereby agree not to pursue any form of self-employment directly related to the services provided by Metrix Restoration with the Metrix Restoration territories for a period of 18 months beginning on the last day of employment.

Metrix Restoration is a 24/7 Emergency Service and you will be expected to take some on call hours. This may include answering calls and performing first responder duties. Should you be unable to perform these duties now or in the future, it is imperative that you inform Sr. Management and be prepared for a reduced position.

Thank you in advance for your commitment and honorable effort!

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The relationship between you and Metrix Restoration is referred to as "employment at will." This means that your employment can be terminated at any time for any reason, with or without cause, with or without notice. By submitting this document you agree and acknowledge the employment at will nature of employment with Metrix Restoration; you also hereby agree to any and all terms/conditions of employment established by Metrix policy and operating procedure. You acknowledge that no representations regarding your employment status can alter the at will condition, except for a signed written agreement by authorized executive staff.*

About Flood Metrix

Our Mission is to Replace Stress with Satisfaction Whenever Duty Calls.

Flood Metrix is located Northern VA. We offer flood damage repair & emergency water extraction service to areas within a 33 mile radius of Arlington, VA. Our service territory also covers Prince George’s & Montgomery County, MD.

At Flood Metrix we understand the stress that comes with experiencing a flooded home or office. Therefore, it is our mission to replace stress with satisfaction whenever duty calls. If you need help with a flood damage cleanup, mold remediation or cleaning your carpets, call us today. Both experienced & certified, we have exactly what it takes to provide of 100% of your flood damage restoration needs.


Whether you own a small retail store or a large corporate building, our team can help you with any water restoration or mold remediation needs.


We know how challenging & difficult it is if you’ve experienced flooding or water damage.  We’ll respond quickly 24/7 to help you & family get your home back to normal.


We have the equipment needed to help you with emergency plumbing issues or mold remediation. 


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Metrix Restoration is your premier Emergency Water Removal, Flood Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation and Indoor Air Quality, Carpet Cleaning & Reconstruction service provider in Woodbridge Virginia, Prince William county, Fairfax county, Stafford county, Fredericksburg, Manassas, Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Montgomery county Maryland, Prince Georges county Maryland and surrounding areas.

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