Air Duct Mold Removal

Air Duct Mold Removal

Air Duct Mold Removal

When I received this request for air duct cleaning, I wanted to make sure I was the best option for the project.  It was early in the workday, and he was the first caller of the day. 

“A Friend Used Your Service For Air Duct Cleaning Before And Recommended That I Give You A Call”

The customer went on to explain that there was some renovation in an office he was planning to open and there was some mold discovered.  He was instructed to have a certified mold remediation specialist come on site to check the HVAC system and air ducts for mold contamination.

How Mold Grows in Air Ducts

The HVAC system compresses air in what is know as the “a-coil” of a unit.  When the air is compressed it produces an excesses of moisture which is released from the unit by way of a “pipe drain,” usually made from plumbers PVC.  Proper maintenance of the air duct system requires this pipe drain be cleaned regularly.  It is recommended that this drain be cleaned whenever you change the filter of your HVAC unit, or once a month.

When proper maintenance of the air duct drainage system is ignored, foreign waste particles begin to build up over time causing clogs and drainage back ups.

Excess Moisture Allows Mold to Grow In Air Ducts

Elevated moisture levels supported by pipe drain clogs create the prefect conditions for mold to grow in air ducts.  There are signs that you have mold growing in your HVAC unit.

  • Visible mold growth on the PVC

  • Visible mold on air duct vent covers

  • Heavy build up on return covers

NADCA recommends having your air ducts cleaned once per year; however, research suggests that the average homeowner only has their air ducts cleaned once every three to five years.  When you combine this lack of air duct cleaning with the lack of HVAC drain cleaning the likeliness of developing a mold contamination issue within your air duct system becomes highly probable.

Humidifiers May Support Mold Growth in Air Ducts

Many homeowners love the idea of installing a “whole house humidifier” in their HVAC system.  While the ideal may sound nice, the pros may not outweigh the cons.  I never suggest that a humidifier be installed in an air duct system without simultaneously installing a UV light system to help combat the elevated likeliness of mold growth developing in the HVAC system once the humidifier is installed.

Dirty Filters Support Mold Growth in Air Ducts

I recommend installing filters at each of the return openings of the air duct HVAC system.  By doing this you reduce the amount of foreign particulates entering the HVAC unit, both organic and non-organic.  However; disposable filters are designed to be disposed, usually after thirty days.  Once a filter has reached its capacity it becomes inefficient.

Residential Air Duct Mold Remediation

Mold Metrix specializes in residential mold remediation and does not offer air duct cleaning where there is no concerns of mold contamination.  Most air duct cleaning companies are not mold remediation and removal specialist.  This is the distinction between Mold Metrix and other companies offering air duct mold removal services.  At Metrix, we SPECIALISE in solving the specific problem of removing mold from an HVAC system.

Air Duct Mold Removal

3 Steps to Air Duct Mold Removal

Decontaminate Main HVAC Unit

This involves cleaning and decontaminating both the blow, a-coil, return box and other interior components of the unit, as well as the exterior components such as the drainpipe.  Your HVAC is the “heart” of your home and the air ducts and like its “lungs.”  When mold contamination begins, it usually starts here and then is spread to other areas of the home or office.

Decontaminate Air Ducts & Filters

In most cases, mold will not become established throughout the entire air duct system, for two reasons.

  • Forced Air Movement

  • Smooth Sheet Metal Interior

Forced air movement mean that there is a “consistent and steady flow of air” so that particulates do not have a chance to become settled.  Most air duct systems are designed to eliminate or minimalize the production of ninety-degree edges for smooth air flow transitions.  The majority of residential air duct installations uses sheet metal and keeps the inside un-insulated, but interior insulation in air ducts does exist, when it does, it causes complications in air duct mold removal projects.

Install UV Light

The IICRC S520 Mold Remediation standard require that mold effected materials be removed during a mold remediation.  This raises a critical issue involving air duct cleaning and mold remediation, because following the standard to the “letter” would mean replacing the entire HVAC system, and air ducts, which would cost a fortune and require a major renovation.  Fortunately, the HVAC unit and sheet metal air ducts are salvageable due to their material constitution. 

NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, writes guidelines on how to clean air ducts. Based on the IICRC S520, NADCA recommends UV light installation after an HVAC system has been cleaned and decontaminated.

Check out the video posted on YouTube associated with this blog to get a better understanding and visual of what an air duct mold removal project involves.  Choose Metrix over the Matter, Because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.

Mold Exposure

Mold Exposure

Mold Exposure Health Risks

Many times, people have the need for professional mold remediation services but do not recognize the signs of mold contamination.  Reoccurring heads aches can be one way your body to trying to warn you about the air quality and possible mold contamination of your environment.  Your body could be reacting to the enzymatic activity of mold growth it is sensing.  Depending on your bodies’ sensitivity to mold and microbial growth, depend on how strong your immediate reaction to mold contamination will be. 

Overtime your body may “go numb” to sensing the mold contamination of your home, car or office, but the negative effects of mold exposure will continue to affect you and those around you in both cumulative and individual ways.  Headaches are not the only reaction to mold exposure, in fact there are several and several combinations including: itchiness, coughing and throat discomfort, dry eyes, difficulty breathing as well as increased allergic reactions and aggravation to existing health conditions. 

Be sure to have mold testing conducted by an IICRC certified professional if you think you may need mold remediation services.  The following article was written to help owners recognize when to call a mold remediation company.

Visible Mold

Visible mold and or what appears to be mold is a major sign that mold remediation may be needed.  Remember, mold is microscopic, so visible mold can be the sign of a larger water damage issue.  Homeowners are not always able to recognize mold as mold due to its many different colors and appearances.  For example, few people recognize that some of the build up and resin found on air duct vent covers contains mold and could complicate healthy living. 

Mold Odors

Mold contamination may not always be visible, but the smell of mold can be a strong indication that mold remediation is needed.  Odors are a result of enzymatic activity of mold growth.  If strong mold odors are present in your home or office mold testing can be the first step to completing your mold remediation project.  Sometimes a person may not recognize the enzymatic activity of mold by its odor, but will recognize headaches, loss of energy due to poor air quality and the body overworking to harvest oxygen and filter air, itchiness, and others side effects.

Mold Removal and Water Damage

A previous flood or water damage can either be the source or a major contributing factor of mold contamination and the need for mold remediation services.  All water damage, no matter how small should be cleared by a professional water damage company to make sure all salvageable materials are dry.  Flood Metrix provides FREE mold and water damage estimates.  We are able to able to offer this service via video chat to help provide professional insight for proper planning and to get a better understanding of what may be needed for the completion of your mold mitigation project.

Groups of high risk to Mold Exposure:

Pulmonary/respiratory issues

  • Indoor air quality is a vital, yet underappreciated aspect related to the quality of life we experience.  People who suffer from heart or other breathing issues are particularly at risk for mold exposure and the need for professional mold remediation services. One reason why is because mold possess the greatest risk when inhaled.  Mold that is inhaled may be able to grow inside of the lungs, causing a variety of lungs sickness.

Pregnant/attempting pregnancy

  • Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant fall into may high risk categories and mold exposure is no exemption.  Over exposure to mold presents not a health risk to the mother, but also to the fetus she carries.

Children under 6

  • Children under the age of 6 are at higher risk allergic reaction due to over exposure to mold contamination.  The younger a person is, the more at risk they are to mold exposure due to the developmental stage of their heart and lungs.

Adults over 65

  • You or your loved one could be 65 or older and in tip top health.  If this is the case, then you do not fall into this category.  However, many people experience some percentage of heath decrease in this stage of life.  Exposure to mold and or poor indoor air quality can only make pre-existing health condition worse.  Mold removal services can help improve and maintain health.


  • People with asthma and or allergies live with an acute awareness of their breathing and are especially sensitive to changes in indoor air quality.  Exposure to even slightly elevated mold levels can trigger allergic reaction and the need for professional mold remediation.

Immune deficiency

  • Living with any chronic disease has its special requirements.  One essential requirement is to maintain good indoor air quality.  Mold remediation and mold remediation services can literally help save the life of someone who falls into this category.

Free Mold Estimates

If you believe you have been exposed to mold, but you do not recognize any signs of visible mold; then you should make an appointment with Mold Metrix for a FREE mold estimate.  However, if you require a more detailed investigation report or lab analysis, you should schedule Mold Testing.  Mold testing includes a non-invasive inspection of your problem area.  Non-invasive means that no finished materials will be removed such as baseboards, crown mold, no holes shall be drilled into wall cavities.  Attics and crawlspaces are automatically classified as “invasive” when checking for possible mold exposure.

Mold Metrix can provide valuable information to your physician with regards to your indoor environmental quality.  This can be especially critical for persons living with chronic sickness or disease, or who may be recovering from surgery to insure you, or your loved ones are not being exposed to dangerous molds in your home or office.

Choose Metrix over the Matter, Because the Power to Change the Matte is in the Metrix

Best Mold Removal Company Woodbridge VA 22191

Best Mold Removal Company Woodbridge VA 22191

Best Mold Removal Company Woodbridge VA 22191 Mold Remediation

Mold Metrix considers it a privilege to provide mold remediation, removal and testing services in Woodbridge VA 22191.  As a local mold removal company home to Woodbridge VA, we understand that mold mitigation in 22191 is more about serving the community than it is about the money.  Our main mission is to move you from Stress to Satisfaction, so at Mold Metrix we believe in educating the market and having a relationship with the customer before they ever use our service.

Mold Metrix made HISTORY in Woodbridge VA 22191 back in February 2022, by becoming the first water damage and mold remediation brand operating in the Woodbridge VA and surrounding areas to provide a customer convenience portal on its website.  Now customers living in Woodbridge VA 22191 can create an account with Mold Metrix and earn points by following us on social media.  No purchase is necessary to participate in the Mold Metrix referral program.  Account holders earn points simply by adding their custom “customer referral code” to the comments section of daily post.

“You Can Keep Track Of Your Points From Your Customer Portal”

Advertising for mold testing and mold remediation services has always been expensive, which is partly why the cost of mold cleaning services in Woodbridge VA 22191 is also high.  Mold Metrix top 10 and primarily top 3 of the first page of Google for EVERY query related to needing mold cleanup in 22191, but we realized this in not enough.  To be the top mold remediation service provider in Woodbridge VA requires more than excellent reputations and search rankings, you need the people of Woodbridge VA to support and recommend you.

Residential mold removal is 60% personal and 40% business

As professional mold remediation and home cleaning service providers in Woodbridge VA 22191 we love to apply the motto “a Man/Woman is the King/Queen of their castle; and we must also remember to represent excellence in business through the services we provide.  We want to know our customers and we seek to develop lasting relationships.  Through the Mold Metrix social media promotions and referral program, Woodbridge VA homeowners can learn about home maintenance and establish a valuable relationship with the best mold removal service provider of 22191.

The Mold Metrix referral program allows our audience an opportunity to engage with us to learn while also helping us achieve more exposure in the Woodbridge VA area.  Recognizing this opportunity for industrial innovation, the customer convenience portal was born.  Mold Remediation is within the service industry, and the service industry is built on reputation and referral.  Mold Metrix is the first mold removal brand in Woodbridge VA 22191 provide a way for the entire community to earn credit for annual home maintenance services trackable online.

Mold Metrix is revolutionizing customers’ need to be VALUED in Woodbridge VA 22191

At Mold Metrix we understand that your time and attention is VALUABLE and should not be wasted.  In fact, we “accept for value” our customers attention in the form of “points” earned by participating in our social media promotions efforts.  The power of any organizations’ organic presence helps to drive the cost of advertising costs down, saving the company money, but through our referral program, the Woodbridge VA 22191 customer saves.  In other words, the money Mold Metrix saves in advertising costs is directly funneled back to account holders in the form of points redeemable for cash or services.

Creating An Account With Mold Metrix in Woodbridge VA 22193 Is Easy & Convenient

I like to explain the benefits of creating an account with Mold Metrix in comparison to having a “trust account for your home to pay for annual home services funded with likes, shares and comments on social media, tracked with points earned.  You can use points are share them with a friend and whenever someone uses your referral code to purchase a service, you automatically earn CASH BACK. Fact: Mold Metrix made HISTORY with this approach.


Step 1 Create your account

Step 2 Register your custom referral code once you have created an account

Step 3 Look for a welcome email

Step 4 Follow Mold Metrix on your favorite social media

Step 5 Comment on daily posts by simply adding your referral code, like & share for additional points

Step 6 Track points from your customer portal

Step 7 Redeem points earned for cash or towards annual home maintenance services

Who is the ideal Mold Metrix customer in Woodbridge VA 22191?

The ideal Mold Metrix customer is an educated homeowner who recognizes the value business networks add to their life.  For example, many Woodbridge VA homeowners are members of shopping clubs because they recognize the value of membership.  The ideal Metrix customer recognizes that by becoming an account holder, they are becoming business networking partners and are financially compensated by the nature of that relationship. 

Mold Metrix truly views our Woodbridge VA Mold Remediation Customers As Partners And Our Business Model Proves It

Mold Metrix is for the people of Woodbridge VA.  We focus on excellent execution as a standard operating procedure.  We are “blue collar professionals” providing a valuable and highly skilled home service; we are customer focused and are operating to grow our Woodbridge VA community not to take away from it.  Our slogan is “Choose Metrix over the Matter, Because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.”  Mold Metrix exists to cheer you on and to move you from “Stress to Satisfaction” whenever the need for mold remediation and removal service arises during the course of homeownership in Woodbridge VA 22191. 

You May Be M Mold Metrix Customer If You See “The Glass” As Halfway Full”

It is always better to have a relationship with a professional water mitigation and mold remediation service provider before you need us.  The mold mitigation industry supports the entire nucleus of the home services and cleaning industry.  Learn to use the points you earn to pay for annual home maintenance services insurance does not cover or may be excluded from you current policy.

ABC’s of Dumfries VA Mold Removal

ABC’s of Dumfries VA Mold Removal

ABC’s of Dumfries VA mold remediation, the “A” is for Attics

In Dumfries VA 22026 the need for professional mold remediation services never ends. Most attic spaces in Dumfries VA 22026 are non-living spaces, rarely used by the homeowners.  The most common use of attic space in Dumfries VA is storage.  Attics and crawlspaces are two of the most challenging areas for mold removal experts.  Here’s why; Temperature, Confinement & Safety.  Attic temperatures are always higher than any other part of a Dumfries VA home, because hot air rises.  This is not a problem until mold remediation is needed, because the workers must don “Tyvek Safety Suits,” which increases the temperatures experienced within the moldy environment.  Heat Index OSHA regulations dictate that professional mold remediation workers be rotated every 30 min to avoid heat exhaustion and stroke. 

Any mold removal and remediation conducted in an attic is conducted in a “confined space.” Dumfries VA 22026 home and business owners need to understand that is very difficult to work in a confined space or work overhead.  Every skilled home services tradesman takes this into consideration when proposing estimates, not just mold remediation professionals.  In fact, Xactimate, the mold removal industry standard pricing software has an “add-on” line item specifically for confined spaces.

This point brings me to safety.  Mold remediation is already classified as “HAZARDOUS DUTY,” but working in an attic space is even more dangerous than normal because there is always the possibility than a mold removal technician could fall through the attic floor.  As most attic floors are simply sheets of drywall attached to a floor joist system extra caution and diligence must always be used.

If attics are non-living spaces, rarely used by homeowners, then how do attics become contaminated with mold?

Roof leaks caused by Storm Damage

Poor air circulation

Humidity spikes due to convection

HVAC units installed in attic spaces


The “B” of Dumfries VA 22026 ABC’s for mold remediation is for Basements and Bathrooms.

The most commonly searched phase for mold remediation in Dumfries VA is “bathroom mold removal” 22026.  Most of these searches correspond to mold contamination issues related to effected calking around bathroom tubs and toilets.  Whenever bathroom calking is affected by mold it should be removed and replaced.  Additionally, the area should be inspected a water damage expert to check for hidden damages.  Bathroom calking is typically water resistant so if it has become contaminated with mold, chances are there is some hidden contributing factor.

Basements in Dumfries VA, develop mold contamination issues for many different reasons and most often there are multiple contributing factors.  The air space of basements is naturally cooler than other levels of a home, making the air volume less and more densely filled with particulates.  But how does this cause mold you may ask?

What is the best way to prevent Basement mold growth?

The best way to prevent basement mold growth in Dumfries VA 22026 is to keep it DRY and CLEAN.  Keeping a basement dry is primarily about maintaining proper humidity conditions.  In nature and in the home, mold can begin to “sporulate” at 60% relative humidity.  Proper HVAC maintenance is a huge aspect of preventing basement mold growth, because molds are spread around the home or office via the HVAC system.

Lets go back to the previous statement of particulates being more densely packed together in basement air space due to the nature of how air is manipulated by temperatures; either expanding or contracting.  The cooler temperatures of basement sustain higher particulate count per cubic foot of air space and high relative humidity.  The national air duct cleaners association recommends cleaning the HVAC system and air ducts once per year; however, this recommendation to maintain indoor air quality is rarely adhered to by the general public.  Mold, germs and bacteria enter the HVAC ventilation system and circulate into the basement and are able to become established in the cellulose-based materials of the basement over time.

 If you have a water damage in your Dumfries VA basement or if your suspect mold contamination you should always have it inspected by a certified mold remediation professional.  The prior point should go without saying, but many homeowners belay this home health maintenance advice because they think “its only a little problem.”  So again, no matter how small you think the bathroom or basement leak is, you should always have it properly inspected.  Too often, small leaks turn into major mold damage.

The “C” of Dumfries VA 22026 ABC’s of Mold Remediation is for Crawlspaces

Typically, mold is discovered in attics and crawl spaces by home inspectors when people are looking to buy or sell homes in Dumfries VA 22026.  Crawlspaces are very susceptible to water damage, both in liquid and in vapor form.  These along with attic and basement mold remediation projects tend to be the most laborious and most expensive mold removal projects in Dumfries VA.  Mold can grow very rapidly in a crawlspace when compared to other areas of a home or office due to the reduction of air volume.  For example, the average height of a crawlspace is 4 ft verses 8 ft throughout the occupiable living spaces of the Dumfries VA home.

Mold remediation and removal is not a “DIY” task, always hires an IICRC certified mold removal professional to perform any and all decontamination processes.  The specific IICRC certifications are water damage restoration technician aka WTR and applied microbial remediation technician aka AMRT.  In the city of Dumfries VA 22026 there is no law or statute for mold remediation license, meaning any cleaning company can offer “mold removal” verses “mold remediation” services.  Many of these companies simply sell the idea of “fogging” an area to kill the mold making it harmless, but this is a false claim playing on the ignorance of the Dumfries VA 22026 population.  Do-not fall for this kind of scam, mold remediation is not fumigation.  It is highly irresponsible to perpetuate the idea that all one needs to do is “spray the mold to kill it, then just wipe it away.”  So if you are buying or selling a home in Dumfries VA, beware of fake mold experts only interested in ripping you off, because what they won’t explain to you is why that mold problem has over 78% likeliness of coming back within 12-24 months.

If you or someone you know needs mold mitigation be sure to Choose Mold Metrix over the Matter, Because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.

Mold Damage Restoration In Dale City VA Basement

Mold Damage Restoration In Dale City VA Basement

Elmira Court; Dale City, VA 22193 is a cul-de-sac of “split level houses” built in the early 1970’s.  Whenever you are working on a site built prior to 1985, always proceed with caution knowing dangerous contaminates such as lead and or asbestos may be present in addition to the water damage or mold.  Fortunately, this project did not involve any such mitigation complications, but the following story does outline the drama involved and how Choosing Mold Metrix over the Matter was the best solution for this mitigation problem.

The property in question is currently being rented by a group of siblings living together in the pursuit of life, liberty, justice & a mold free living environment in Dale City, VA.  Living in a split-level house, of the second level bathrooms is built above a main level bedroom.  According to the plumbers report there was a drainpipe failure which produced a “slow water loss.”  However, the plumber was not the first person to notice the problem, it was the tenant living on the main level.

            Mold Remediation & Water Damage Restoration is the Responsibility of the Homeowner.  Many property owners who rent property plan to manage maintenance themselves to maximize profitability.  However; mold removal & water damage mitigation is a highly skilled, highly hazardous, highly specialized and scientific process.  The general public has been “generally” briefed on the hazards of mold in the home or office.  Anyone living with asthma or allergies is subtly conscious of this in every breath.  Needless to say, the overwhelming majority of renters in Dale City, VA will object to a “do it yourself fix” or a service provided by a “non-mold removal/ water damage restoration specialist.

            When the tenant started noticing sings of water damage in the ceiling of her basement studio apartment she consulted with her siblings and decided it was time to contact their Dale City, VA landlord.  Once the report of suspected water damage called in, the homeowner scheduled a time to come and take a look at the issue.  Having no training in water damage mitigation, mold removal, indoor air quality control, psychrometry, or structural drying, he decided the problem was not a big deal.

He thought “I’ll just call a plumber, fix the leak and that will be that” only it wasn’t.

            When the plumber came to inspect, he came with plumbers’ tools, not water damage or mold inspection tools.  He removed a section of wet effected drywall in the ceiling corner to reveal what appeared to be mold on the drywall and wood frame, according to the tenant, but not to the Dale City, VA landlord.  The disagreement led to dissatisfaction on the tenants’ part, so they decided to have the area tested for mold.

            When the results came back the renters forwarded the results to their Dale City, VA landlord.  This is when Mold Metrix became involved because at this point the homeowner was forced to find a mold mitigation contractor.  My first step was to review the lab report, because this would help me to better understand the mold damage.  However, when I read the report I immediately notice a huge error, air samples were taken, but only two air samples.  Whenever you are taking air samples for mold testing you must take a minimum of three samples.  Now there were a total of three samples taken, but one was a swab sample.  Therefore, results for air born mold contamination were classified “inconclusive,” but did show signs of contamination.

Mold Metrix was contracted to provided mold remediation services for the property located in Dale City, VA 22193.  We were told that the effected drywall had already been removed, but this was not the case.  From one look I knew there was mold behind that wall, and a moisture map analysis confirmed additional drywall needed to be removed. 

Sometimes you can have visible mold contamination present in a “dormant state” even when moisture content levels are dry, as was the case with this Dale City, VA mold removal project.  We removed approximately 16 square feet of drywall on one side of a corner to find it was completely moldy, as was expected, we could also see that the damage continued farther than we could detect with the current state of mold remediation technology, due to moisture reading being “within range” in that area.  This means there was consistently a high enough relative humidity in the effected area for mold to grow on the surface of cellulose-based material.

The nature of water damage mitigation and mold remediation requires that the customer be educated on the nature of water damage and other emergency services contractors. 

“It is common to discover mold growth in areas outside of your original work scope that could not be detected until an area is exposed”

This “fear of the unknown” involving mold remediation produces the same kinds of hesitation in humanity as it would in any other aspect of life.  Unfortunately, the longer we wait to mitigate mold, the bigger the problem becomes because mold spreads and replicates itself.  This is why we can only provide offers according to the “contracted service scope” which may not include additional damages discovered in Dale City, VA.

Mold removal is only covered by insurance if the property owner has an additional “mold coverage” added to their policy or if preexisting mold must be removed for water mitigation.  Here is where it can get tricky.  Mold remediation is classified as secondary damage caused by water damage.  If you have a water damage emergency and have a pre-existing mold problem and your water damage claim is handled by an insurance program vendor, they will be instructed to mitigate with water extraction, dehumidifiers and HEAT.  The purpose of these instructions is to hold the homeowner responsible for their portion of liability.  A good homeowners insurance company such as USAA or CHUB is important if you don’t want to have these coverage issues.


At Mold Metrix we understand how this can cause stress and as part of our mission to move you from stress to satisfaction we have created a “Points and Rewards” program. The purpose of this program is to educate customers in an entertaining way about water damage mitigation, mold removal, carpet cleaning, annual home maintenance and more.  Customers are encouraged to create an account at to create a referral code and to track points earned.  Mold Metrix customers can earn credit redeemable for cash and service just by educating themselves about home maintenance in Dale City, VA 22193.  Simply follow Flood Metrix on all social media @metrixoverthematter and paste your referral code in the comments section of each video you watch to earn points.  Track your points earned through you customer portal.  Visit to learn more.

“Thank you for Choosing Metrix over the Matter, Because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix”

Water Damage Mitigation, Mold Removal, Carpet Restoration


ABC’s of Dumfries VA Mold Removal

Fairfax VA Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation Fairfax VA

Metrix Restoration offers several specialty home maintenance services in Fairfax VA including mold remediation, water damage mitigation and carpet cleaning.  When it comes to mold removal, we understand that not everyone in need of service in is a Metrix customer.  At Mold Metrix we qualify customer compatibility the same way homeowners screen contractors. In the same way that customer have expectations from us, we also have expectations from our customers.

What we look for in a Mold Remediation Project

If you are a home or property owner in Fairfax County in need of mold mitigation/mold/ testing/mold removal services, your number 1 concern should be having the job done properly.

As a homeowner you should know the most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover mold remediation, unless it is the direct result of a water damage.  There are many situations where mold removal is covered by insurance.  One such example is when mold remediation is required before structural drying can begin.  This is a constant throughout water damage mitigation projects.

Another example of when mold mitigation would be covered by homeowners’ insurance is when there is a specific mold remediation policy included with the policy.  These are usually added as additional cover.  For homeowners in Fairfax VA, I recommend having a minimum 10k mold policy added to their standard homeowners’ insurance.  Please 10k should be enough to remediate most mold problems in your home but may not be enough to remodel once the mold remediation is complete.

This is why Mold Metrix encourages Homeowners in Fairfax VA to create accounts at

As a home or property owner in Fairfax County, when you create an account with Mold Metrix you become eligible to participate in our referral program.  Unlike other referral programs where you only earn a commission if someone buys a service, our customers are able to earn points redeemable for cash and services by following Metrix Restoration @metrixoverthematter on YouTube and social media.

This is how it works, once you create an account and begin following Mold Metrix on your favorite social media, when you see a post from us, simply add your custom Metrix Referral link to the comments section of the post.

You can keep track of your points from your customer portal & if anyone uses your referral code then your automatically earn a cash referral commission.  At Mold Metrix we care about our Fairfax VA customers because we know business isn’t 100% about money.

“Mold Metrix made History as the First Water Damage/Mold Mitigation company in the DMV area to offer the market a customer portal with a true referral rewards system”

This level of innovation combined with our millennial marketing tactics has allowed us to distinguish ourselves within the mold remediation industry and become ranked on the 1st page of Google for water damage restoration, which is the proper category for all mold removal projects.

“The cost of Mold Remediation is important, but it is not more important than the customers’ experience, because experience is remembered long after price is forgotten”

Many times, customers seek out the cheapest bid from any contractor willing to do the job, but not the Metrix customer.  The Mold Metrix customer of Fairfax County VA seeks a quality service at a fair price.  Many times, when you get the cheapest product/mold removal service you can find, you end up either a bigger problem or some other problem 1-2 years later.  Therefore, as with most service providers, the cheapest mold removal contractor often ends up costing the homeowner double.

At Mold Metrix we seek to develop healthy long-term relationships with our customers, which is why we offer more than mold remediation services and provide our customers with access to our trusted Metrix network partners. 

“Good Customers deserve Good Contractors, & Good Contractors deserve Good Customers”

The value Mold Metrix brings to remediation projects is far beyond mold it-self, as we ultimately in the service industry and seek to add as much value as we can to our Fairfax VA partners as well as our customers. 

As a mold remediation contractor in Fairfax VA, there is no way to consistently bring top quality professional service at a “jack of all trades” price point.  Talented and experienced mold remediation technicians do not come cheap, and they should not, here’s why.  Mold mitigation is classified as “hazardous duty.”  & hazardous cleanup jobs are simply more expensive due to there nature and what is required for mold mitigation.

In Fairfax VA, mold remediation is not state regulated, so any cleaner and offer mold removal services.  This is why customers should not hire anyone who is not IICRC certified to perform these services.  Good service contractors invest a lot of time and money to master their craft in order to provide customer with the best service possible.  This should not be undervalued.

Mold Metrix is an innovative organization that’s believes in the positive application of technology and we use this to better serve our Fairfax VA customer.  Since Covid 19, many businesses started having employees work from home, and Mold Metrix started using video chats to provide Free Same Day Mold Estimates.  The ability to conducts estimates via video chat has proven to be a vital component of keeps costs low as inflation soars in Fairfax VA.

Mold Remediation Contractors of Fairfax VA

Regardless of your trade, you must respect your career.  The ways in which one conducts business reveals a great deal about their character.  Business is far more than what we normally understand money to be.  Money is not merely the physical media used for currency exchange, but primarily is the quality of an energetic frequency.

I am a businessman but I am also much more.  In all that I do, I strive to serve and provide the best level of service I can imagine.  As a mold remediation contractor and founder of Metrix Restoration I constantly polish and improve the honorable attributions of all that I understand to be right.

Building trust with a customer begins long before you ever meet, and like all things, this too begins first in the mind.  I think to myself, “how can I best serve customers in Fairfax VA and the entire United States who are in need of mold remediation services?”

I believe that my customers are looking for me the same way I am looking for them.  Some customers in Fairfax VA know they fit the “Metrix Brand” customer profile but have no immediate need for immediate service.  Here is the gap that has always existed in the mold removal and water damage service.

“Most Homeowners Do Not Know How To Find A Mold Removal Contractor”

The aforementioned “GAP” is truly an obstacle of opportunity for a mold remediation or home service contractor.  Mold Metrix is making history in Fairfax VA with our marketing approach.  From social media customers and advertisers alike have witnessed the engaging power of storytelling.  This provides Mold Metrix with the incredible opportunity to tell multiple mold remediation stories.  Metrix Brand supporters from coast to coast can engage with these stories and earn credits redeemable for cash and services.

The story featured in the Facebook post link was for the new owner of a residential property in Fairfax VA.  Not all mold remediation projects require the same containment styles, but they all share similar remediation protocols.  I invite you to take this opportunity to create an account at once your account has been activated, you will be able to add your customer referral code to automatically add points to your account.

Thank you Fairfax VA for Choosing Metrix over the Matter, Because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.

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