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Q: What is the average cost of water damage mitigation?

A: Pricing for water damage cleanup projects is determined by the water damage restoration industry.  The three primary organizations involved with standardizing water damage service prices are: IICRC, Xactimate, & the Insurance companies.  In Northern VA, the average cost of water damage restoration ranges between 3k-8k.  This range does not include average repair/reconstruction costs.

See our Blog post “How much does Water Damage Restoration Cost?”

Q: What should I expect day 1 of the water damage restoration process?

A: On day one of a water damage restoration project, expect the focus to be on water removal.  Along with this, expect your project manager to perform a thorough inspection of the affected areas & completely document the process for record keeping/insurance purposes.  If you are planning to pay with insurance, your adjustor will receive an initial project report of cause/damages.  The insurance company is concerned with the cause and damages, not estimated costs.

Q: How long does it take to complete a water damage restoration cleanup?

A:  Water damage restoration projects are completed in phases.  The average water removal & cleanup process takes 3-5 days, with an additional 3 days drying time. Once the water mitigation and content restoration process is complete, the water damage repair/reconstruction phase can begin.  Water damage repair & reconstruction projects have an average 2–4-week completion time frame.

Q: What are the flood and water damage industry standards?

A: Water Damage Restoration Industry Standards are produced by the IICRC.  Water damage cleanup and restoration guidelines “standards” include the S500 and S520 publications. The IICRC S500 is the leading water damage restoration industry standard.

Mold growth is one of the most common secondary damages due to a “water loss” and even has its own “standard” the IICRC S520.  Both the IICRC S500 & S520 are used to write flood & water damage cleanup protocols and service invoices.

Q: Does my insurance need an estimate for my water damage claim?

A: No, insurance companies DO NOT need an estimate before approving your water damage claim.  See our blog titled Water Damage Estimate VS Invoice.

Q: Does Metrix Restoration work with other local companies?

A: Yes, the water damage restoration industry is built on networking.  We our currently working on a list of recommended companies servicing Northern VA/Southern MD who provide related services, insurance coverage rankings & more.  Visit our Customer Resource page for more info.


When do I see a bill for water damage restoration?

A:  Keep in mind that water damage restoration requires fast action.  With that said, most water damage claims are paid with insurance.  The process for billing your insurance company for emergency water damage restoration is unlike other services in that it DOES NOT REQUIERE an estimate.  Therefore, invoicing is not generated until the flood/water damage restoration is complete. 

What is a flood/water damage estimate?

A:  If your water or flood damage is not covered by your insurance policy, and you intend to pay out of pocket, it is natural for you to be concerned about pricing.

A “cost range” can be estimated based on observable conditions and can be shared via email. Water & Flood Damage Invoicing is itemized & detailed.  It can take hours to produce the accompanying files for billing a water damage project.

The estimated cost of a water damage restoration project is simply the “predicted price range” for services rendered based on the initial inspection.

Customers not paying with insurance can request an “outline of estimated services and costs” to accompany their signed Service Agreement.  Water damage companies are expected to document each phase of the restoration process with photos and video.  Invoicing is generated once a water removal project is complete.  See definition.

Should I confirm coverage before filing a water damage claim?

A: Filling a water damage claim may negatively effect your policy, even if the claim gets denied.  Flood Metrix understands water damage insurance claims and will guide you through this process.  Schedule a Free Estimate.

How to confirm insurance coverage details for water damage claims?

A: Your insurance company may not be able to confirm coverage over the phone.  Standard practice is to provide only the emergency water removal and mitigation services until coverage is confirmed.

This process involves documenting your water damage and your adjustor reviewing submitted documents.  The details of your water damage coverage are typically confirmed within 36-48 hours.

What does Flood Metrix need to begin the flood damage restoration process?

A: Flood Metrix cannot begin without a completed service agreement.  All sections must be completed with a photo copy of the customer government issued identification on file; military and driver’s license are acceptable.

water damage restoration
Is a down payment required for water damage cleanup?

A: Flood Metrix accepts your insurance deductible as down payment for your water damage restoration cleanup along with a completed service agreement.  Insurance typical pays the remaining balance within 30-45 of the invoice submittal.

Flood Metrix understands that water damage restoration is an emergency service.  Average insurance deductibles range from $1000-$2500.  Visit our Customer Rewards Page to learn how you can earn $0 out of pocket costs on water damage restoration.

When is my water damage claim deductible due?

A: Flood Metrix understands the emergency nature of water damage restoration.  Your deductible may be collected “up front” or it may also be deferred.  Deferred deductible is just one way Flood Metrix help you achieve a $0 expense for water damage restoration.  Visit our Customer Rewards Page to learn more.

What is specialty drying?

A: Specialty drying involves the use of specialized equipment beyond the water damage industry basic standards of air movers & dehumidifiers.  This involves for example, the special equipment necessary for directed heat, drying wall cavities, counters, hardwood floors and carpet padding.

For these jobs and in colder months, special drying equipment is a must for successful water damage restoration.

Is there any additional charge for specialty drying equipment?

A: No, but there is a min 3-day rental charge.  The average rental of special drying equipment is 4-6 days, but there are times when dry goal may be achieved between 48-72 hours.

The purpose of specialty drying equipment is to increase the probability of a water damage contractor properly salvaging & restoring contents/materials effected by water damage. When water damage property can be restored, it saves both the homeowner and the insurance company money on the reconstruction cost.

In fact, proper use of specialty drying equipment is so effective that it is the Insurance Industry Standard to allow water damage restoration contractors to attempt restoration with specialty drying equipment before removal/demolition.

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