Is a down payment required for water damage cleanup?

Flood Metrix accepts your insurance deductible as down payment for your water damage restoration cleanup along with a completed service agreement.  Insurance typical pays the remaining balance within 30-45 of the invoice submittal.

Flood Metrix understands that water damage restoration is an emergency service.  Average insurance deductibles range from $1000-$2500.  Visit our Customer Rewards Page to learn how you can earn $0 out of pocket costs on water damage restoration.

How to confirm insurance coverage details for water damage claims?

Your insurance company may not be able to confirm coverage over the phone.  Standard practice is to provide only the emergency water removal and mitigation services until coverage is confirmed.

This process involves documenting your water damage and your adjustor reviewing submitted documents.  The details of your water damage coverage are typically confirmed within 36-48 hours.

When do I see a bill for water damage restoration?

Keep in mind that water damage restoration requires fast action.  With that said, most water damage claims are paid with insurance.  The process for billing your insurance company for emergency water damage restoration is unlike other services in that it DOES NOT REQUIERE an estimate.  Therefore, invoicing is not generated until the flood/water damage restoration is complete.

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