Air Duct Cleaning

Standard – Starts at  $24.99 per vent opening. Our Standard service includes removing vent covers, the use of HEPA quality direct contact extraction to remove air duct debris, HEPA extraction and topical soil removal from vent covers, and HEPA extraction and wipe down of HVAC return boxes. (Some restrictions may apply.)

Premier – Starts at $39.99 per vent opening. Our Premier service includes standard air duct cleaning plus Antimicrobial Decontamination Treatment proven to be effective against 99.9% of common household germs, bacteria, and fungi(Some restrictions may apply.)

HVAC main unit cleaning and disinfection- Starts at $399.99 per unit

Choose Metrix over your Air Duct Cleaning Matter and receive Indoor Air Quality Clearance Testing with lab analysis valued at $299.99 for FREE.

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