Water Damage Mitigation Includes Plumbing

Water Damage Mitigation Includes Plumbing

Water Damage Mitigation Includes Plumbing

There is more to providing emergency services than the job itself.  I find that many homeowners know very little about water damage or their water damage insurance coverage.  Therefore, marketing your services ahead of time to homeowners helps to establish brand familiarity and trust.

For example, if I had an emergency plumbing leak in and I’ve never heard of the best local plumbing company in your city, but I may be familiar with a franchise brand.  You could be two times better than any technician another plumbing company may send out, but I may not want to chance it, because I never heard of your brand prior to needed the service.

Here rests the power of time existing between when the customer heard and your company, versus when they need your service.  Flood Metrix aims to take advantage of this time to build up in the awareness of our target audience the reason why they should choose Metrix over the Matter.  In an emergency situation, people tend to focus on FAMILIARITY.  This why you can have a brilliantly designed website that offers emergency plumbing services or water damage restoration services, but they still hesitate to give you a call.

Plumbers Network with Flood Metrix For Water Damage Mitigation

Two key benefits of Flood Metrix networking with plumbers are the power of relationship and cross marketing.  These relationships create more than organic lead exchange.

Linking with professionals related to water damage mitigation helps to increase the credibility and domain authority of Flood Metrix making it easier to gain greater exposure in digital spaces.  Professional affiliation helps Flood Metrix to have a landing page for that gets traffic because we’re connected to a credible plumber in.  In other words, the relationship can be built around doing better business and providing a higher quality service overall, not just “buying leads”.  In this way, even if a plumbing partner never referred Flood Metrix to any specific customer, Flood Metrix is still enriched from the backlink, as is our plumbing connection.

“Flood Metrix doesn’t need every plumber, because every plumber does not represent the Metrix Values.  Therefore, the relationship between a plumber and a water damage restoration professional is as valuable as it is rare.”

I don’t believe that the customer is always right.  I believe the right customer is always right and the right customer will respect you and the service that you provide you as a professional.  They are not trying to defraud you, but the attempts by some are inherent to the nature of business.  The Metrix Mission is to move a customer from stress to satisfaction and  I’m working to become the best of what a water damage mitigation professional should be.

Deferred Water Damage Mitigation Deductible

Another benefit for plumbers working with Flood Metrix in is something known as “deferred deductible”.   In many cases plumbers working with Flood Metrix can earn 3x-5x more from a water damage mitigation referral then they make off the plumbing ticket.  Flood Metrix understands that along with the water damage mitigation insurance deductible, a customer also must pay their plumbing costs separately.  If a plumber working with Flood Metrix writes an invoice for emergency plumbing services for under 1k, Metrix will defer the deductible for mitigation. 

Most water damage remains untreated because the expense of paying for plumbing costs plus an insurance deductible.  Our customers benefit because their insurance deductible can now cover their plumbing bill.

Benefits to Creating An Account With Metrix 

1. Creating an account is like purchasing a valuable home maintenance policy for your property with a Follow on social media.  Grow the value of your account by liking, commenting and sharing.

2. Zero Dollar Insurance Deductible

3. Save up to 30% on annual maintenance services

4. Cash Referral Rewards

5. Protect your home from damages insurance may not cover

Water Damage Restoration Contractors doing program work must do double the jobs for the same profit

Adjustors are like paid negotiators for insurance insurances companies handling water damage restoration claims.  The process is designed for them to be able to get a percent off each invoice submitted.  Program vendors are obligated to provide certain discounts for line items, however, water damage restoration insurance providers are obligated to pay at least the Xactimate value of a line item.  When a water damage restoration works as the program vendor, they are agreeing to a 30% reduction in the Xactimate total, minimum.

In most cases the Flood Metrix lead bonus assigned to most projects will be greater than $500.  However, it doesn’t much over $500.00 to pay for a lead from Google and Flood Metrix is working to get leads for as close to FREE as possible.  Its not fair for a plumber to be promised 10% and not get it, but it is equally unjust for one partner in a relationship to be forced to pay more than they normally would.  That’s where the Metrix Connect Network Benefits make up the difference, allowing both parties to grow with greater prosperity.

The Metrix Connect help us as service professionals to focus on producing content and creating a draw for greater exposure.   The average person is not likely to experience many floods over the course of owning a house, in comparison to something that related to plumbing.  Therefore, in the consciousness of the community, the service or the need of a plumber is recognized almost like the need of a painter or the need for someone to maintain a lawn versus water damage restoration.  Flood Metrix uses the Metrix Connect to produce educational contact designed to garner the attention of our target audience.  We understand that not every Metrix customer needs service today, and that it may take two or more years before we are needed.  We know we are gained customers and developing relationships before the need for our service ever comes ups.   These customers will have already decided to choose Metrics over the Matter and we will there available when they need us.

Water Damage Mitigation Includes Plumbing

Plumbing and Water Mitigation in DC

Emergency Plumbing and Water Mitigation in DC

According to Capital Plumbing Services located in Washington, DC there Two Main Residential Plumbing Problems: Leaks and Backups.

The most expensive emergency plumbing residential project in Washington DC is a sewer line backup.  Sewer lines run underground, so unfortunately these types of plumbing issues are usually not discovered until a large water damage restoration problem manifests.  Most emergency plumbers recommend having the sewer line “snaked” once every two years.  Sewage backup coverage is highly recommended, especially for older homes.

Common Causes of Water Damage in Washington DC

  • Leaky Or Broken Water Pipes And Connections

  • Sump Pump Failure

  • Bathroom Plumbing Failure

  • Kitchen Plumbing Failure

  • Laundry Room Plumbing Failure

  • Drain Clog

  • Sewer Line Back Up

  • Water Heater Failure

  • Leaky Roofs

  • Foundation Cracks

  • Heavy Rain And Storms

Has your plumber been trained to recognize water damage?  According to Metrix Research, less than 20% of plumbers know more about water damage than their customer and therefore, do not know when to recommend the services of a water damage restoration provider. To any plumber who may read this article, do you consider yourself trained to recognize water damage and are you on the lookout for mold and water damage for homeowners?  Or are you mostly trained to focus on the specific plumbing issue?

Plumbers Role In Water Damage Restoration

The plumbers’ job is to evaluate all issues specifically related to the plumbing issue itself, not necessarily the water damage.  Flood Metrix suggests that plumbers should be trained to recognized water damage and mold.  In most cases when a plumber goes to fix a leaky sink, the sink has already been leaking for some time.  Most likely, the vanity has been water damaged by elevated moisture content levels and is now able to support mold growth which may be hidden or primed to develop. 

 If your bathroom sink, toilet, or tub overflows, and the plumbers arrives to wet squishy carpet, a water damage restoration professional should be contacted immediately.  Even if the water only touches the edge of the carpet.  In an emergency water damage mitigation situation like this, the baseboards, drywall behind the baseboards, wall studs, bathroom vanity, carpet, carpet pad, and tack strips are all likely to have water damaged.  The water may cause an additional $1000 worth of damage, and that’s not enough to file a water damage claim with your insurance.  However, a $1000 job today and easily become a $3000 water damage tomorrow.

How Plumbers Influence Water Damage Mitigation Claims

Every water damage restoration contractor and insurance company doesn’t have the homeowners’ best interest at heart.  Therefore, the best way for Flood Metrix to serve the customer is by understanding the plumbing, water damage restoration, and reconstruction aspect of mitigation claims.  Likewise, it is equally beneficial for a plumber to understand water damage restoration.

 The details of how plumbers influence water damage mitigation claims is enough for a water damage company to work closely with a plumber or provide services in house because there are too many details to explain during an emergency mitigation.  For example, I have a water damage customer with a failed pipe.  I had time to time to find you on the BBB website, but I don’t have time to explain to you how you can benefit from this particular process. I need to be able to have a relationship with a plumber in order to educated them about how all this works together.  Unfortunately, many plumbers don’t have the time or the attention available to for this level of quality service.

Metrix Emergency Plumbing

My career as a water damage restoration professional mission isn’t all about money, it’s about making a positive impact on the community I serve, and within the mitigation industry. There are lots of technicians who get taken advantage of in the industry because they don’t know how to demonstrate their total value.  More businesses are designed to generate a profit than are designed to provide fair service for fair compensation.  Technicians are not taught to serve the customer, but to rather how to a write a ticket.  “I’m gonna show up, I’m gonna write a ticket, because that’s what I gotta do”.  I find the best way to combat this is with training and professional development.   Being able to solve more of that customers’ needs allows you to focus on solving more that customers’ needs.  Greater compensation is a natural result.

When plumbers and water damage restoration professionals network, they synergize service efforts.  The consequence is a professional legitimacy recognized by customers, industry professionals, and search engines alike. Having credible plumbing and emergency water removal sources come together online sends a powerful authority signal to Google.

Usually, the relationship between a water damage restoration company and a plumber is generally basic and doesn’t go much further beyond “lead exchange.”  However, there is much more value to be discovered.  For example, when an insurance company is trying to determine the source of a water damage, the plumber report is used as the official source document outlining the source.  A plumbers’ report is supported by the water damage mitigation report.  These two reports are primarily what determines if the claim is covered or not.  

The Goal of Combining Water Mitigation with Plumbing

Ultimately my goal as a business owner is to develop the Metrix brand into a highly prosperous organization able support high paying careers people can retire from.  I want build something impactful.  I define myself as a blue-collar executive, but unfortunately, many service professionals don’t even look at ourselves as professionals.  We don’t even think what we do is important or valuable, but many service professionals make more money than people who have master degrees.

I’ve done studies and have found that many master degree positions start around $65,000.  You could be a service professional and make more money than a person who has a far higher formal education.  This is reality and part of value that we bring to the communities we serve in Washington, DC.  Combining plumbing with water removal services make the entire claims process simpler and more convenient for the customer.  At the same time, it builds a stronger company, capable of attracting and training better talent at executive, management, technical levels.

Choose Metrix over the Matter for Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation in Washington, DC and surrounding areas: Tenleytown DC, Cleveland Park DC, Foggy Bottom DC, Friendship Heights DC, Mt Pleasant DC, Fort Totten DC, Brookland DC, Georgetown DC, Adams Morgan DC, Petworth DC, Kalorama DC, Woodley Park DC

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Water Damage Mitigation Includes Plumbing

Benefits of Creating an Account With Metrix 

1. Creating an account is like purchasing a valuable home maintenance policy for your property with a Follow on social media.  Grow the value of your account by liking, commenting and sharing.

2. Zero Dollar Insurance Deductible

3. Save up to 30% on annual maintenance services

4. Cash Referral Rewards

5. Protect your home from damages insurance may not cover

Washington DC Water Damage Restoration

Washington DC Water Damage Restoration

Washington DC Water Damage Restoration

Metrix Restoration, doing business as Flood Metrix and Mold Metrix, has established superior Google Organic ranking placement across Northern Virginia for search queries related to “water damage restoration”.  Flood Metrix is now providing water damage restoration and mold remediation services to property owners in Washington DC.  Our expansion into the District of Columbia is being announced in succession to the new paper written by our founder, Khonsol Badu.  “Win Near Me” is a step-by-step blueprint to achieving dominate organic water damage and emergency plumbing exposure.  This document also explains how Flood Metrix is able to out rank every national franchise competitor for water damage restoration in Washington, DC and surrounding areas.

Flood Metrix is now serving Washington DC

There is more to being the best water damage restoration company in Washington, DC than offering excellent service; it’s also about connections.  The executive networking aspect of water damage restoration includes bringing people in Washington, DC together who can better serve the community. The water damage restoration industry was designed for service professionals to work together, especially plumbers, because water damage restoration goes hand in hand with emergency plumbing services.

However, not all plumbers provide emergency plumbing services.  Flood Metrix has conducted market outreach and “emergency plumbing mystery shopping” research for the Washington, DC metropolitan area and have discovered several brilliant emergency services plumbing companies operating across the DC, MD, VA statistical zone.  Some of these emergency plumbers are referred on our website city pages.  A link may be added to this article at a future date to highlight these companies.

Working with a plumber allows a water damage restoration company to provide complete 360 services to a customer in need, with the most convenience and for the best price.  Having an emergency plumber within a water damage restoration network, is valuable to a Washington, DC customer is many ways.  For example, customers who Choose Metrix over the Matter for flood and water damage restoration and are also in need of plumbing services can make one telephone call or go to one website and find the complete solution to their flood and water damage restoration problem; including the emergency plumbing repairs. This convenience helps the Flood Metrix customer to begin the move towards relief.  Once a customer hires Flood Metrix in Washington, DC they know they are working with an organization that understands their needs from start to finish.

A highlight of working Flood Metrix for water damage restoration is that we do understand the plumbing aspect of water damage/mold mitigation, as well as the reconstruction aspect.  We also understand and are experts at water damage mitigation insurance billing, as most water damage restoration claims in Washington, DC are paid for by homeowners’ insurance.

Providing water damage restoration and emergency plumbing services in Washington, DC or any densely populated area has special considerations.  The first obvious consideration is travel logistics.  Operating in Washington, DC during normal commute hours is extremely taxing, on the technician, customer and water damage restoration or emergency plumbing company.  Parking, moving space, and disposal of contaminated materials are each examples of special considerations customers should consider.

Washington, DC is a flooded with culture and history and within its city structure is a variety of building materials, some of which are hazardous such as lead and asbestos.  Flood Metrix does not advertise for these services; however, Flood Metrix staff is trained and certified to remediation these contaminates in relation to water and flood damage projects.

Flood Metrix Made History in Washington, DC

Another interesting aspect of Flood Metrix coming to Washington, DC is that Flood Metrix is the first water damage restoration company in the DMV area to offer a customer portal on its website. Our customer portal serves as a “points and referrals tracking system”. We know that your attention is valuable, and we know that you don’t need to reside within the Washington, DC area to support the Metrix Brand.

The customer portal allows Flood Metrix to offer its customers and social media audience a way to monetize its support and attention. For the first time in the DMV customers can earn points just by liking following and sharing on social media, which allows to earn points redeemable for cash, services, and merchandise.  This applies not only to Flood Metrix, but also to our network partners.

As a non-franchise business organization, it is important to network and gain the support of the community.  Flood Metrix does this by creating and developing relationships with trusted businesses and brands in the Washington, DC community, as well as by providing superior water damage restoration services to customers we serve in the District of Columbia.  Other suppliers and network organizations we associate with in the Washington, DC area is Sherwin Williams and The Home Depot.  To quality control purposes, Flood Metrix only uses Sherwin Williams paint on water damage reconstruction projects. 

A key benefit to providing water damage restoration services in Washington, DC is the environment itself.  Washington, DC has a unique culture and city life from go-go music and mum-bo sauce, the District of Columbia has its own “flavor.”  Of course, operating in Washington, DC for water damage restoration and emergency plumbing services help to fill empty calendar space as the city has high demand for skilled professional trade services.  On the day Flood Metrix published https://floodmetrix.com/washington-dc, a meeting was held with Capital Services Plumbers.  The meeting was recorded to help document the process of expanding into Washington DC for water damage restoration and emergency plumbing services.  Google listed the in under 24 hours organically on the 4th page spot 33.  This was very exciting, because we started in position 126 in Arlington, VA which is closer to our location.

“I am conducting the market research for market research and as part of this research I am documenting how long takes for Flood Metrix to rank in Washington DC and rank top 10.”

 Thank you for meeting with me because there are not a lot of business plumbing business owners who even recognize the value of working closely with a water damage restoration company, I’m curious to understand why that is from the perspective of a plumber. Being independent non-franchised business owner one of the things that you don’t have is an established network.  When you buy into a franchise there is a network that has already been built out for you.  Whereas when you’re independent you don’t have that, and you have to build it yourself.

When you’re first getting started in the service trade industry, you may feel like a lot of things needed to build and market your business should be outsourced.  You know that you only have so much time and energy and so you want to focus on what is making money right now right.  For most businesses, what produces cashflow is buying leads. I have worked with a lot of different companies across the country and what I found is that a lot of professionals are good in “re-occurring” verticals.  However, when it comes to emergency water damage restoration, the talent is stretched thin.  This is because the social aspect, which is in the story behind the emergency water removal project, isn’t being shared.

I find that there is an opportunity existing within the time between, when a customer finds out they need a plumber or a water damage restoration company, and when they find out about your service brand.  When you just getting started in plumbing and water damage mitigation, the focus is often on getting the sale today, getting the sale now.  Then after you get established to a certain degree, you can start shifting energy into winning those customers in Washington, DC who don’t need you right now, but who will need you later.  You realize that you must network to become a household name for emergency water removal services and plumbing or be forced to buy leads forever.

 According to research, most water damage mitigation company may have a service area above the 50 miles.  Keep in mind, there is a way that the “digital monopoly board” host by Google is already set up.  It is not for the players to rearrange the board, it’s about your plumbing and water damage mitigation brand owning as much of the prime digital real estate on the board as possible.  For more on this subject feel free to request a FREE copy of “https://floodmetrix.com/why-metrix,” by Khonsol Badu.

How can I add more value to every Flood Metrix supporter in Washington, DC?

From the Metrix perspective, while this does mean providing excellent on-site service, it can also mean providing education.  Plumbers and water damage mitigation service providers can educate anyone who can understand the same language; the only barrier is language, not distance. provide education to anybody anywhere that can understand their language.

To promote the expansion of Metrix restoration into the Washington, DC service area, we created a landing page dedicated specifically the District of Columbia.  Flood Metrix has also conducted marketing research and has organized this statistical data into interesting business articles.  Such work is targeted at garnering industry association, thought leadership, and influence which industry professionals and homeowners alike can each benefit from understanding like what it is like to provide water damage restoration and plumbing services in Washington DC.  Additionally, the Metrix Restoration will create a press release series to help spread the word.

To learn more, visit the articles linked below.  We appreciate your support and encourage you to follow us on social media.  Thank you for Choosing Metrix over the Matter, because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.

 Emergency Plumbing and Water Damage Mitigation in Washington, DC

Water Damage Mitigation Includes Plumbing

Creating An Account With Mold Metrix in Washington, DC Is Easy & Convenient

I like to explain the benefits of creating an account with Mold Metrix in comparison to having a “trust account for your home to pay for annual home services funded with likes, shares and comments on social media, tracked with points earned.  You can use points are share them with a friend and whenever someone uses your referral code to purchase a service, you automatically earn CASH BACK. Fact: Mold Metrix made HISTORY with this approach.


Step 1 Create your account

Step 2 Register your custom referral code once you have created an account

Step 3 Look for a welcome email

Step 4 Follow Mold Metrix on your favorite social media

Step 5 Comment on daily posts by simply adding your referral code, like & share for additional points

Step 6 Track points from your customer portal

Step 7 Redeem points earned for cash or towards annual home maintenance services

Fairfax County VA Water Damage Restoration

Fairfax County VA Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Mitigation claims in Fairfax County VA.

When water damage restoration projects have “specialty aspects” the difficulty level, liability & value of the project is automatically increased.  This often raises the question “will my insurance cover all my water damage restoration expenses?”  The answer to this question entirely depends on your water damage insurance policy, and the exclusions of coverage.

“For the most part, your homeowner’s insurance will cover all aspects of damage restoration included in the IICRC S500 & S520.”

It is a good idea to speak with your insurance agent and ask about coverage for “special circumstances” and “add on policies” such as mold remediation coverage, temporary housing coverage, personal property coverage, trauma scene coverage and other such circumstances.  Your project manager will be able to advise you per industry standards regarding the best way to handle your water damage claim.

Water Extraction Fairfax County VA

Early one Sunday morning a customer called from Fairfax, VA.  From their description, it seemed like an ordinary basement flood due to sump pump failure.  My customer was very concerned about water damage and for good reason.  After inheriting a home left to him by his father in Fairfax, VA, my customer was experiencing one unexpected home expense after another, not including the flooded basement he called me about.

Unfortunately, my customer had been burned by other Fairfax County, VA contractors and was very on edge about the water damage restoration process ahead.  Like many customers, he was unfamiliar with his homeowner’s policy and did not know if insurance would cover.  I patiently explained to my customer the insurance claims process:

“I can’t tell you what your insurance company will or won’t do, but I can tell you that sump pump failures are typically covered in Fairfax County, VA.”

 My advice to homeowners is do not short yourself when it comes to your homeowner’s insurance policy.  A small flood can easily add up to thousands of dollars in water damage, especially living in Fairfax County, VA.  With low water damage insurance caps, under 20k, a customer can quickly find themselves running out of money in their water damage policy, especially if specially services such as contents pack out and contents restoration are needed.

Fairfax County VA Water Damage Restoration

Fairfax County VA Water Damage Mitigation and Content Manipulation

The first specialty aspect for review on this project has to deal with content manipulation.  In mold and water damage restoration, content manipulation is moving property from one place to another and then back to its original position.  Content manipulation is an official Xactimate line item and is used in over 95% of damage restoration projects.

Any item moved in the execution of a water damage restoration project is invoiced as part of content manipulation.  However, not all contents are manipulated during the water removal phase of a water damage restoration project.

 Many inexperienced contractors can find themselves liable for damages when attempting to move customer property.   For example, a water damage contractor should never attempt to move a slate pool table, no matter many people are able to lend a hand.  The slate can actually break, and the contractor can be held responsible in Fairfax, VA.  This is true even if you have a clause in your service agreement about damages that may occur during the course of water damage restoration.

As with other industry caveats, your liability starts when the danger is identified.  Entertainment centers, bars, gym equipment, aquariums, grandfather clocks, bookshelves may also require expert moving and disassembly.

Fairfax County VA Water Damage Contents Pack out and Pack Back

Many times, the contents of a flooded area need to be completely removed from a home.  This may take place for several reasons.  One reason is to clean, deodorize and restore water damaged furniture.  Another reason is to clear space for reconstruction efforts such as installing carpet or other flooring.

 “If your water damage contractor does not have the IICRC CPT Certification, they should sub-contract that portion to a professional moving company or a water damage company with the cert.”

 Contents pack out is a specialty service not all water damage restoration companies provide.  The reason is because it is not a requirement for water running a water damage restoration company.  Damage restoration companies offering pack out/ pack back services should have a temperature-controlled storage facility, be able to catalog the property moved, and carry special property damage liability insurance.

At the time of this writing, Flood Metrix does not provide contents pack out and pack back services directly and contract with PSI Cleaning and Restoration or another reputable pack out company for these services.

Fairfax County VA Contents Restoration

Sometimes furniture and clothes can be damage by water, smoke and mold.  This damage isn’t only restricted to material degradation, but also includes smoke and mold odors.  Contents restoration also includes cleaning water damaged designer shoes, handbags, furs, and similar high-ticket items.  Electronics are also included in contents restoration.

IICRC CPT Certification

“The IICRC Contents Processing Technician certification is designed to demonstrate a technician’s expertise in the practice of contents recovery and processing procedures.  This certification covers the best practices of contents processing based on available technology and resources.  Topics include restoration of contents subjected to various sources of contamination as well as inspection, inventorying, wrapping, packing, transport, cleaning science, deodorizing, post-cleaning evaluation, storage, and pack back principles (chain of custody).”

Fairfax County VA Basement Flood Restoration

 This Fairfax County basement flood contained each of these specialty aspects, which were treated by specialists.  Most Fairfax County water damage restoration contractors do not provide all aspects of restoration directly in house and every insurance company is aware of this industry norm.  With insurance billing your mitigation contractor may add on a “sub-contractors fee,” as this is business standard.  However, Flood Metrix DOES NOT make this fee standard operating procedure for residential self-pay customers.

State Farm Covers Major Basement Flood In Fairfax County, VA

 The insurance adjuster who handled this claim was an inexperienced water damage claims adjustor, which made it easy to explain how the insured was hesitant to proceed with certain aspects of mitigation, because he was not sure what would be covered.  In the end, all of my customers’ concerns were settled and the customer ended up with ZERO out of pocket expenses for a Fairfax VA basement.  Choose Metrix over the Matter, Because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.

Water Mitigation is the Homeowners’ Responsibility

Water Mitigation is the Homeowners’ Responsibility

Water Mitigation is the Homeowners Responsibility

Every homeowner understands the importance of having homeowners’ insurance, but according to private research conducted in house by Metrix Restoration, less than half all homeowners know how to use their homeowner’s insurance in case of a flood or fire emergency.

“Most people do not know that according to their homeowner’s policy, they are OBLIGATED to conduct day to day living in a manner that mitigates damages, which means its your responsibility to take action”

This is why educating the general public on this subject is near and dear to the culture of Water Damage, Mold & Flood Metrix.  Homeowners want to trust their insurance companies, especially in emergency situations, such as a flooded basement or other water damage.  With all the of the stress inherent to a mitigation project, most people do not have the attention units required to process the details involved with filling an insurance claim.

At Flood Metrix we estimate that CUSTOMER EDUCATION helps to reduce the stress of a water damage project by at least 60%.  But why doesn’t your insurance company do a “better job” of educating their customers about the water, fire, & flood damage claims process?

Well, its not that this information is “top secret” or even “classified” information; in fact, this information is provided with ever policy.  However; insurance companies are smart & they understand “statistics.”  According to insurance bureau demographics, roughly 82% of policy holders will never study their policy.  I don’t know whether this shows “trust” or “ignorance” on part of the homeowner, but I do know that it works in favor the company and not the customer.

What happens when your insurance company receives a claim?

First, the homeowner calls to report a flood, fire or water damage.  During this process, the insurance representative will ask a few standard questions in order to gain a better understanding of the damages.  At the end of this short process a claims number will be generated and an adjuster will be assigned to your water mitigation claim; typically within 48-72 business hours.

If you have not contacted Flood Metrix by now, the insurance representative will initiate the claim assignment process.  This involves sending your claim to a program vender for water damage restoration services. 

A program vendor is a mitigation contractor participating in your insurance networks’ “claims program.”  If insurance companies had it their way, every flood, fire & water damage restoration property claim would be handled by a program vendor.  Not because program vendors are better or more professional, but the reasoning all boils down to money.

“Your insurance company prefers to deal with program contractors not because the policy holder receives the best water mitigation services; but because it costs them less money.”

However; as the homeowner, you have the right to hire any water damage restoration contractor you choose.  This water damage contractor is known as a “direct to customer water mitigation contractor.”  So, what is the main difference between a program contractor verses a direct to customer service provider?  The answer is that a water damage restoration program contractor incurs zero-dollar advertising or marketing costs for a job, because the job is provided by insurance restoration network.  In exchange for this referral, the mitigation contractor agrees to forfeit 25%-50% of each water damage claim provided by the network.

Insurance program contractors do not and cannot work for the homeowner, because they already work for the insurance company and every decision made to mitigate water damage is made to benefit the insurance carrier.

Policy holders want to believe that the best way to avoid unwanted expenses is to use program contractors.  Homeowners do not normally understand how homeowners’ insurance differs from car or health coverage.  For example, unlike health coverage, there are no penalties or additional clauses to “restrict coverage outside of the insurance network.”

Sometimes a policy holder can report a basement water damage, but experience huge time delays when waiting on the insurance company to handle mitigation within the network.  Vendor Profitability & availability are two major reasons why.  Remember, program partners agree to forfeit a huge chunk of the mitigation invoice “gross fee” to the “TPA or third-party administrator.  Check out study video associated with this article.

By law your insurance company cannot provide mitigation services directly.  To solve this “technical problem,” the insurance industry created “third-party administration agencies” whose job it is to “screen and onboard” contractors & to over-see claims management by contractors. 

However, it’s not easy to recruit & retain skilled contractors willing and able to participate in these programs due to company size requirements, reduced profitability & the “wait list.”  The wait list refers to the time it takes for a new program contractor to receive enough program work to make it profitable.  The only way for program work to be profitable for a contractor is to receive it in “bulk”, but bulk program work is reserved for large national franchise organizations and smaller businesses are used as “stand-by options.”  This creates a vicious turnover cycle within the restoration industry.

Water damage restoration is a SCIENCE and the goal of a water damage professional is to become a Master of Mitigation.  The more one progresses in the field of their chosen career path, the more valuable one becomes.  Unfortunately, program work creates extremely marginalized profits for mitigation companies, making it difficult to fairly compensate experienced & certified professionals.   

Metrix Has The Solution

The ideal Metrix client believes that the best business deals are “win-win” for each party involved and is willing to cooperate to make that happen.  Water Damage, Mold & Flood Metrix made history as the first Damage Mitigation company in the DMV to offer the market a customer portal.  Through your customer portal you can create a custom referral code, which is GOOD FOR LIFE.  You can earn points exchangeable for cash and services by following Flood Metrix on all social media @metrixoverthematter.  Points earned on social media can be tracked from your customer portal.

In part two of this article we will discuss advertising costs & direct to customer to better explain the benefits of the Metrix Solution to water and mold damage.


Basement Water Damage Fairfax VA

Basement Water Damage Fairfax VA

Basement Water Damage Fairfax VA 

The source of this water damage was a failed sprinkler system. Because the water originated outside of the property, most homeowners insurance will not cover this type of loss unless you have an additional flood damage policy.

If you have a basement, live in Fairfax VA & don’t have a flood damage policy, I recommend creating an account at floodmetrix.com/registration.  With this account you can start collecting points by posting your customer affiliate link in the comments section on any social media @metrixoverthematter and YouTube.  Points earned can be exchanged for cash and services such as water damage restoration.

For this basement flood mitigation project, my biggest obstacle was moving enough of the customers property out of their flooded basement to ensure a successful water damage restoration.

Content manipulation is a line item used when a water damage protocol requires moving a customers’ property or “contents.”

There is also a specialty service in the damage restoration industry known as a “pack-out.”

Pack-out is the detailed process of professionally packing, moving, organizing & storing a customers’ property until such time that the water damage property can be restored to its previous condition.

To optimize this project I opted for a pack-out.

And here is where we can begin to explore to beauty of basement water damage restoration in Fairfax VA, because it connects with so many other specialty trades such as plumbing, electrical, hvac, remodeling and more.

The water damage industry, being service based, thrives of networking & referral business.

Our industry is designed for a water damage contractor to make a profit from sub-contractors and referral bonuses.  This practice is especially useful for small owner/operator size businesses as it promote high efficiency and profitability.

 in In Fairfax VA, never refer a business or a contractor to your customer who you can’t vouch for, bc its your reputation on the line.

Most water damage mitigation companies don’t begin offering pack out service until they also offer fire damage services due to the nature of work.  PSI is a respected and reputable business offering fire damage restoration and other specialty restoration services & is a featured water mitigation pack out referral partner for this Fairfax VA water damage mitigation.

The PSI crew really did a great job and made working together on this flooded basement project more fun.

One of the biggest takes always I got from studying this project is the power of making a positive impression on a customer and establishing trust as soon as possible on a water damage project in Fairfax VA.

The service industry is reputation and relationship based.  All service-based businesses share this one common thread.

The template for building a successful service-based business/water damage restoration business already exists. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, but we can innovate to serve our interests and serve our customers.

The impression I want to leave my audience with today is that not only am I a professional, but I’m also a pleasure to be around. I think of myself as a blue-collar executive and recognize the value I bring to my customers, partners & to the entire water damage restoration industry as a true polished professional.

“Basement water damage in Fairfax VA is 60% personal 40% business”

Therefore, I always aim to provide the Metrix customer with outstanding service, including an overall excellent customer experience.

After all of the salvageable contents were packed out, we could begin with removing the water damaged/unsalvageable materials.

These materials included the water damaged carpet, pad, tack strips, base boards, drywall and wet insulation.

The next step to mitigate and remediate this flooded basement was to clean and decontaminate the floor and structural frame.  This process includes a HEPA extraction, an aggressive cleaning method of the stud wall cavity and floor slab, plus the application of an anti-microbial.

Once all of the demo and cleaning had been completed, the water mitigation/remediation phase of the project of officially completed and structural drying could officially begin.

Drying the flooded basement only took 3 days and no specialty drying equipment was needed.

I had a chance to interview the woman of the house.  I explained to her that I believe that there are certain actions every contractor can take to put their customer at ease and build up as much trust in as little time as possible. She told me…

“It happened very quick, once you spoke to our insurance adjustor, she told us this guy knows what he’s doing and he has our go ahead”

I want to thank this customer for Choosing Metrix over the Matter for their flooded basement restoration needs.

If you or someone you know are in Fairfax VA or Northern VA and are in need of water damage mitigation services, be sure to Choose Metrix over the Matter, Because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.

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