Metrix Provides Water Damage Repairs

The best water damage restoration companies provide complete water mitigation services including repairs and plumbing.  Metrix Restoration is always working to develop our organization to better serve our customers.  The quality of our organization has evolved as water mitigation contractors.  Flood Metrix now provides not only water removal and mold remediation services, but we also provide water damage repairs and plumbing.

Most customers prefer the convenience of hiring a water mitigation contractor who can also complete repairs.  The simplicity of making only one phone call for water removal and repairs reduces the need to involve multiple contractors, which can lengthy water mitigation repair delays.  Water mitigation often involves the removal of drywall and flooring; most customers can bear finding a flooring contractor, but many homeowners are annoyed by the idea of waiting to repair the holes in their walls.

Water Damage Drywall Repairs

Drywall installation is one of the first water damage repair services we started to offer.  This includes replacing and repairing wet or damaged baseboards, doors, and door trim, but not to exclude other finished materials such as crown molding.  Finish materials are easily affected by water damage and are often unsalvable and need to be replaced. Of course, completing a drywall repairs project includes removing and reinstalling any wet insulation and painting the walls.

Water Mitigation Floor Repairs

Homeowners who have water damage and need repairs often can “look on the Brightside of their situation” and turn the misfortune of water damage into a positive by getting around to some repairs they had been putting off.  Water damage will inspire a homeowner to make improvements that they’ve been putting off such as flooring upgrades.  Homeowners will proceed with plans to remodel kitchen and bathrooms, living rooms and family rooms alike, because the timing is now perfect. A major part of the water mitigation repair process is new floor installation. This is why Metrix Restoration provides floor installation for water damage projects.  By adding floor installation, we can provide more of our customers’ needs and to get them back to whole after the experience of a water damage.

Water Damage Repairs and Plumbing

Our mission is to move a customer from stress to satisfaction and we want to add value in as many ways as possible.  Water damage and Plumbing go hand in hand, which is why we have teamed up with Perfected HVAC and Plumbing to add plumbing services to our catalog.  We can now work to prevent water damage by catching the leak early and prevent leaks with proper plumbing.  Sometimes it’s too late and the damage is done, and in those situations, Metrix has you covered.  There’s often no sign to indicate when a pipe is going to bust or when an appliance will fail, but when it happens Metrix is your number 1 choice to get you up and back to normal again.

Insurance Accepted, financing Available

Water Damage Repairs Project Co-Ordination

Providing more water damage restoration services under one company allows us to better coordinate mitigation repair projects and reduces time wasted.  The added convenience of mitigation, plumbing and repairs from the same company also reduces the inconvenience experienced by a customer after water mitigation.  Metrix Restoration didn’t always provide water mitigation repair services, we started by simply focusing on water mitigation.  Being able to demo, decontaminate, and dry out is still our bread-and-butter business.  

It was out of the need and desire to serve our customers more completely that we expanded into mitigation repairs.  So many customers wanted us to at least put the drywall back in place once the home was dry.  However, we didn’t want to begin offering services without being able to ensure a masterful level of service to minimize the risk to our reputation as water damage mitigation and plumbing professionals.  Doing a great job on the water mitigation repairs is equally important to the water damage restoration project.

Water Damage Repairs Quality Assurance

We had to take our time to develop and get our standard operating procedures established so that we could do just as good a job in installing the drywall as we do the water removal services.  This also applies to putting down flooring, installing a bathroom vanity or installing a new sump pump or water heater.  We need to be able to provide these services to our customers without error. Metrix is now in position to bring that high level of quality service and masterful execution to our customers in need of water mitigation repairs.

Metrix Offers Water Damage, Plumbing and Mold Remediation

Regardless of the previous water damage, the fact that there is a new leak with a new plumbing issue means that this homeowner is entitled to coverage with their homeowners’ policy. The homeowner’s insurance would be responsible for covering the water damage and mold remediation repairs but would not cover the mold remediation line items associated with the project. The reason being is that obviously there was pre-existing water damage which were never addressed; therefore, homeowners’ insurance is not responsible. However, homeowners’ insurance would be responsible for all damages associated with the new water damage including structural drying, retiling the bathroom tub and drywall repairs associated with the water damage. No portion of the plumbing would be able to be billed back to water damage claim.

Water Damage Repairs and Customer Satisfaction

The advantage of offering water damage mitigation repairs is that most water damage restoration companies don’t provide repairs.  Less than 60% of water damage contractors in Northern Virginia provide repairs, leaving 60% or more water mitigation customers left to find another contractor for water damage repairs.  The Metrix customer experience is superior to others with the added benefit of being able to take care of the mitigation repairs with one contractor.   Our unique ability also allows us to establish better customer relations.  This is important because at Metrix, residential water damage is 60% personal and 40% business.

The relationships we develop by offering water mitigation repairs allows us to optimize our reputation in the community.  Offering repairs allows us to market services people need more commonly. By offering plumbing services we are able to fulfill our customers’ needs from the time that the first water loss occurs, to stopping the leak, water removal, and water damage repairs. If you or somebody you know needs water damage repairs choose Metrix over the Matter, because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.

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