“I think we need Mold Remediation for our Kitchen Cabinets”

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This is the story of a homeowner who just wanted to get some new cabinets for his wife.  One day I received a call from a homeowner requesting an estimate for mold remediation. We scheduled service for an on-site mold remediation estimate for the customer.  The mold inspection fee would later be credited towards any mold remediation the homeowner chose to contract Mold Metrix to provide.

Arriving to inspect the damage, I was able to get familiar with how to best cater to these homeowners. He and wife explained that the “cabinet company” from whom they’re buying their new cabinets, was prepared to tear out the moldy cabinets and install the new purchase.  However, the husband was wise and decided to get a professional opinion about the mold.  I would have opted for a second opinion as well if the “cabinet company” told me that “if there was some mold they would be able to take care of it” and that I as the homeowner “wouldn’t have to worry about it”.  This from any person speaking outside of their accredited expertise is a red flag.

If you need Mold Remediation choose Metrix over the Matter

mold growth on kitchen cabinets and drawers

“There was visible mold growing on the cabinets attached to the corner of the kitchen”

I asked the customer if there had been any type of water damage or leak they were aware of?  To the homeowners’ recollection, there had only been some leaks under the sink.  However, this would not explain the mold remediation needed for the corner kitchen cabinets.

Based on customer’s account, I continued to investigate until I discovered that there was a water heater located directly behind the moldy kitchen cabinet.  In the water heater room, I could see many visible signs of water damage.  The vinyl directly under the water heater was damaged.  There was visible mold on the drywall behind the water heater and so based on my initial inspection, I knew there must have been a water damage that was not properly handled at some time in the past. In addition to the sink having a leak, that was apparently causing mold growth in the kitchen and the need for mold remediation.

“I explained to the homeowners that it would be ideal to schedule the mold remediation in conjunction with a plumber to minimize the time spent without water in the home.” 

The customer agrees and I write up an estimate after consulting with a plumber in our network for approximately $4100 which included mold remediation, repairs and plumbing necessary for the project.  Here is where it started to get complicated.  On day one of the project the customer mentions seeing a leak in the corner.  I took note of this and proceed to set up containment for mold remediation in the kitchen.  The plumbers are on-site, and they are detaching the leaky water heater in preparation for mold removal.  As we begin to dismantle the granite countertops, we remove the backsplash and behind the backsplash there’s mold.  This is mold approximately 4 feet up the wall and my initial estimate was two feet, tops.

I called the customer, and I informed the customer and inform him that mold growing halfway up the wall, and this need to increase the amount of mold removal necessary to properly remediate per IICRC S520 will increase your bill from $4000 to more like $6000, and this is out of pocket discount.  The customer agrees and gives the go ahead to continue with the work.  The plumber takes apart all the plumbing in the kitchen, so the sink is no longer capable of leaking, they cap off the plumbing and we remove the granite countertops.  The further we get into this mold remediation, the worst it got.  When we removed those countertops, it became so evident why they had made the right decision by choosing a certified professional mold remediation contractor to take care of this problem in the kitchen.

Mold was growing all the way up the wall in the corner and the cabinets were completely affected. They came off the wall like wet cardboard.  If the cabinet company had just come in as a routine installation, they would have run into such a problem that they were not prepared to deal with. It would have been a disaster for the homeowners if they had not chosen Metrix Over The Matter.

We continue with the mold remediation, but we only go up halfway up the wall. I told the plumber that even though the initial plan was to remove and reinstall the water heater in the same day, we couldn’t do it, because the subfloor underneath the water heater so severely damaged.  It was my call to pause the project until the homeowner had a chance to make a decision.  I just didn’t want to chance installing the water heater back on that water rotted subfloor and the customer ultimately agreed with me.

Insurance Accepted, financing Available

They saw water leaking from the cabinets in the corner?

We had to remove the water damaged subfloor and that area is where we discovered the key to our water damage claim.  So let me back up, initially the customer reported seeing water coming up from the corner cabinets.  Taking note of this, I assumed the water appearing was the result of “pooled” water trapped under the floating floor was occasionally escaping.  The floor was damaged, so it made sense that water would sometimes came up to the top.  After having removed the wet damaged floor, the cabinets and the drywall, there was still no leak apparent.  This meant there was no way for the customer to get this mold remediation covered by his insurance.  Until we cut out the subfloor and we were able to discover that there was a pipe actively leaking.

Its only cost $72 to fix the pipe, but this $72 pipe caused over $9000 worth of mold and water damage.  Now that we discovered the pipe, I was very excited because now the customer no longer had to pay out of pocket.  He could report this active water damage to his insurance which was the Hartford.

Mold is Water Damage and Water Damage is Covered by Homeowners’ Insurance

On the very same day that the customer reached out to the Hartford Insurance, they got in contact with me.  I had a conversation with a well-educated adjuster, and they approved to cover the water damage mitigation, with the understanding that the mold damage cleanup would not be able to be included.  Such mold removal line items as, sanding studs and applying anti-microbial are examples of what could not be included.  However, by having the homeowner’s insurance step in, all of the plumbing was able to be covered for this water damage which, ordinarily, insurance does not cover.  Therefore, the plumbing invoice is generally billed separately.

Also, the adjuster agreed to pay for the removal of the wet moldy cabinets, the removal of wet effected drywall up to four feet high, along with the affected kitchen floor, along with the structural drying.  Removal of the subfloor and replacement of the subfloor; detaching and reattaching the water heater, the new water heater pan, reinstalling all the plumbing in the kitchen such as the dishwasher, sink and the garbage disposal.  Insurance played a tremendous role in helping this customer save on his out-of-pocket expenses.  Not to mention that he gets a new floor included in the claim; also, insurance is now responsible for replacing the lower kitchen cabinets and the countertops.

In closing, sometimes you have the need for mold remediation, and you have to pay out of pocket, but sometimes, like in this case, you’re able to get it covered by insurance.  It is always best to have mold inspected by a certified industry professional.  Mold contamination is not always what it seems. Sometimes it seems like it’s not very bad, but it turns out that the entire wall is in fact affected, but from the looks of things everything seems to be in order.  In any case Mold Metrix is here to help you and those you care about.

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