Water Damage Mitigation Includes Plumbing

There is more to providing emergency services than the job itself.  I find that many homeowners know very little about water damage or their water damage insurance coverage.  Therefore, marketing your services ahead of time to homeowners helps to establish brand familiarity and trust.

For example, if I had an emergency plumbing leak in and I’ve never heard of the best local plumbing company in your city, but I may be familiar with a franchise brand.  You could be two times better than any technician another plumbing company may send out, but I may not want to chance it, because I never heard of your brand prior to needed the service.

Here rests the power of time existing between when the customer heard and your company, versus when they need your service.  Flood Metrix aims to take advantage of this time to build up in the awareness of our target audience the reason why they should choose Metrix over the Matter.  In an emergency situation, people tend to focus on FAMILIARITY.  This why you can have a brilliantly designed website that offers emergency plumbing services or water damage restoration services, but they still hesitate to give you a call.

Plumbers Network with Flood Metrix For Water Damage Mitigation

Two key benefits of Flood Metrix networking with plumbers are the power of relationship and cross marketing.  These relationships create more than organic lead exchange.

Linking with professionals related to water damage mitigation helps to increase the credibility and domain authority of Flood Metrix making it easier to gain greater exposure in digital spaces.  Professional affiliation helps Flood Metrix to have a landing page for that gets traffic because we’re connected to a credible plumber in.  In other words, the relationship can be built around doing better business and providing a higher quality service overall, not just “buying leads”.  In this way, even if a plumbing partner never referred Flood Metrix to any specific customer, Flood Metrix is still enriched from the backlink, as is our plumbing connection.

“Flood Metrix doesn’t need every plumber, because every plumber does not represent the Metrix Values.  Therefore, the relationship between a plumber and a water damage restoration professional is as valuable as it is rare.”

I don’t believe that the customer is always right.  I believe the right customer is always right and the right customer will respect you and the service that you provide you as a professional.  They are not trying to defraud you, but the attempts by some are inherent to the nature of business.  The Metrix Mission is to move a customer from stress to satisfaction and  I’m working to become the best of what a water damage mitigation professional should be.

Deferred Water Damage Mitigation Deductible

Another benefit for plumbers working with Flood Metrix in is something known as “deferred deductible”.   In many cases plumbers working with Flood Metrix can earn 3x-5x more from a water damage mitigation referral then they make off the plumbing ticket.  Flood Metrix understands that along with the water damage mitigation insurance deductible, a customer also must pay their plumbing costs separately.  If a plumber working with Flood Metrix writes an invoice for emergency plumbing services for under 1k, Metrix will defer the deductible for mitigation. 

Most water damage remains untreated because the expense of paying for plumbing costs plus an insurance deductible.  Our customers benefit because their insurance deductible can now cover their plumbing bill.

Benefits to Creating An Account With Metrix 

1. Creating an account is like purchasing a valuable home maintenance policy for your property with a Follow on social media.  Grow the value of your account by liking, commenting and sharing.

2. Zero Dollar Insurance Deductible

3. Save up to 30% on annual maintenance services

4. Cash Referral Rewards

5. Protect your home from damages insurance may not cover

Water Damage Restoration Contractors doing program work must do double the jobs for the same profit

Adjustors are like paid negotiators for insurance insurances companies handling water damage restoration claims.  The process is designed for them to be able to get a percent off each invoice submitted.  Program vendors are obligated to provide certain discounts for line items, however, water damage restoration insurance providers are obligated to pay at least the Xactimate value of a line item.  When a water damage restoration works as the program vendor, they are agreeing to a 30% reduction in the Xactimate total, minimum.

In most cases the Flood Metrix lead bonus assigned to most projects will be greater than $500.  However, it doesn’t much over $500.00 to pay for a lead from Google and Flood Metrix is working to get leads for as close to FREE as possible.  Its not fair for a plumber to be promised 10% and not get it, but it is equally unjust for one partner in a relationship to be forced to pay more than they normally would.  That’s where the Metrix Connect Network Benefits make up the difference, allowing both parties to grow with greater prosperity.

The Metrix Connect help us as service professionals to focus on producing content and creating a draw for greater exposure.   The average person is not likely to experience many floods over the course of owning a house, in comparison to something that related to plumbing.  Therefore, in the consciousness of the community, the service or the need of a plumber is recognized almost like the need of a painter or the need for someone to maintain a lawn versus water damage restoration.  Flood Metrix uses the Metrix Connect to produce educational contact designed to garner the attention of our target audience.  We understand that not every Metrix customer needs service today, and that it may take two or more years before we are needed.  We know we are gained customers and developing relationships before the need for our service ever comes ups.   These customers will have already decided to choose Metrics over the Matter and we will there available when they need us.

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