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Metrix Restoration, doing business as Flood Metrix and Mold Metrix, has established superior Google Organic ranking placement across Northern Virginia for search queries related to “water damage restoration”.  Flood Metrix is now providing water damage restoration and mold remediation services to property owners in Washington DC.  Our expansion into the District of Columbia is being announced in succession to the new paper written by our founder, Khonsol Badu.  “Win Near Me” is a step-by-step blueprint to achieving dominate organic water damage and emergency plumbing exposure.  This document also explains how Flood Metrix is able to out rank every national franchise competitor for water damage restoration in Washington, DC and surrounding areas.

Flood Metrix is now serving Washington DC

There is more to being the best water damage restoration company in Washington, DC than offering excellent service; it’s also about connections.  The executive networking aspect of water damage restoration includes bringing people in Washington, DC together who can better serve the community. The water damage restoration industry was designed for service professionals to work together, especially plumbers, because water damage restoration goes hand in hand with emergency plumbing services.

However, not all plumbers provide emergency plumbing services.  Flood Metrix has conducted market outreach and “emergency plumbing mystery shopping” research for the Washington, DC metropolitan area and have discovered several brilliant emergency services plumbing companies operating across the DC, MD, VA statistical zone.  Some of these emergency plumbers are referred on our website city pages.  A link may be added to this article at a future date to highlight these companies.

Working with a plumber allows a water damage restoration company to provide complete 360 services to a customer in need, with the most convenience and for the best price.  Having an emergency plumber within a water damage restoration network, is valuable to a Washington, DC customer is many ways.  For example, customers who Choose Metrix over the Matter for flood and water damage restoration and are also in need of plumbing services can make one telephone call or go to one website and find the complete solution to their flood and water damage restoration problem; including the emergency plumbing repairs. This convenience helps the Flood Metrix customer to begin the move towards relief.  Once a customer hires Flood Metrix in Washington, DC they know they are working with an organization that understands their needs from start to finish.

A highlight of working Flood Metrix for water damage restoration is that we do understand the plumbing aspect of water damage/mold mitigation, as well as the reconstruction aspect.  We also understand and are experts at water damage mitigation insurance billing, as most water damage restoration claims in Washington, DC are paid for by homeowners’ insurance.

Providing water damage restoration and emergency plumbing services in Washington, DC or any densely populated area has special considerations.  The first obvious consideration is travel logistics.  Operating in Washington, DC during normal commute hours is extremely taxing, on the technician, customer and water damage restoration or emergency plumbing company.  Parking, moving space, and disposal of contaminated materials are each examples of special considerations customers should consider.

Washington, DC is a flooded with culture and history and within its city structure is a variety of building materials, some of which are hazardous such as lead and asbestos.  Flood Metrix does not advertise for these services; however, Flood Metrix staff is trained and certified to remediation these contaminates in relation to water and flood damage projects.

Flood Metrix Made History in Washington, DC

Another interesting aspect of Flood Metrix coming to Washington, DC is that Flood Metrix is the first water damage restoration company in the DMV area to offer a customer portal on its website. Our customer portal serves as a “points and referrals tracking system”. We know that your attention is valuable, and we know that you don’t need to reside within the Washington, DC area to support the Metrix Brand.

The customer portal allows Flood Metrix to offer its customers and social media audience a way to monetize its support and attention. For the first time in the DMV customers can earn points just by liking following and sharing on social media, which allows to earn points redeemable for cash, services, and merchandise.  This applies not only to Flood Metrix, but also to our network partners.

As a non-franchise business organization, it is important to network and gain the support of the community.  Flood Metrix does this by creating and developing relationships with trusted businesses and brands in the Washington, DC community, as well as by providing superior water damage restoration services to customers we serve in the District of Columbia.  Other suppliers and network organizations we associate with in the Washington, DC area is Sherwin Williams and The Home Depot.  To quality control purposes, Flood Metrix only uses Sherwin Williams paint on water damage reconstruction projects. 

A key benefit to providing water damage restoration services in Washington, DC is the environment itself.  Washington, DC has a unique culture and city life from go-go music and mum-bo sauce, the District of Columbia has its own “flavor.”  Of course, operating in Washington, DC for water damage restoration and emergency plumbing services help to fill empty calendar space as the city has high demand for skilled professional trade services.  On the day Flood Metrix published https://floodmetrix.com/washington-dc, a meeting was held with Capital Services Plumbers.  The meeting was recorded to help document the process of expanding into Washington DC for water damage restoration and emergency plumbing services.  Google listed the in under 24 hours organically on the 4th page spot 33.  This was very exciting, because we started in position 126 in Arlington, VA which is closer to our location.

“I am conducting the market research for market research and as part of this research I am documenting how long takes for Flood Metrix to rank in Washington DC and rank top 10.”

 Thank you for meeting with me because there are not a lot of business plumbing business owners who even recognize the value of working closely with a water damage restoration company, I’m curious to understand why that is from the perspective of a plumber. Being independent non-franchised business owner one of the things that you don’t have is an established network.  When you buy into a franchise there is a network that has already been built out for you.  Whereas when you’re independent you don’t have that, and you have to build it yourself.

When you’re first getting started in the service trade industry, you may feel like a lot of things needed to build and market your business should be outsourced.  You know that you only have so much time and energy and so you want to focus on what is making money right now right.  For most businesses, what produces cashflow is buying leads. I have worked with a lot of different companies across the country and what I found is that a lot of professionals are good in “re-occurring” verticals.  However, when it comes to emergency water damage restoration, the talent is stretched thin.  This is because the social aspect, which is in the story behind the emergency water removal project, isn’t being shared.

I find that there is an opportunity existing within the time between, when a customer finds out they need a plumber or a water damage restoration company, and when they find out about your service brand.  When you just getting started in plumbing and water damage mitigation, the focus is often on getting the sale today, getting the sale now.  Then after you get established to a certain degree, you can start shifting energy into winning those customers in Washington, DC who don’t need you right now, but who will need you later.  You realize that you must network to become a household name for emergency water removal services and plumbing or be forced to buy leads forever.

 According to research, most water damage mitigation company may have a service area above the 50 miles.  Keep in mind, there is a way that the “digital monopoly board” host by Google is already set up.  It is not for the players to rearrange the board, it’s about your plumbing and water damage mitigation brand owning as much of the prime digital real estate on the board as possible.  For more on this subject feel free to request a FREE copy of “https://floodmetrix.com/why-metrix,” by Khonsol Badu.

How can I add more value to every Flood Metrix supporter in Washington, DC?

From the Metrix perspective, while this does mean providing excellent on-site service, it can also mean providing education.  Plumbers and water damage mitigation service providers can educate anyone who can understand the same language; the only barrier is language, not distance. provide education to anybody anywhere that can understand their language.

To promote the expansion of Metrix restoration into the Washington, DC service area, we created a landing page dedicated specifically the District of Columbia.  Flood Metrix has also conducted marketing research and has organized this statistical data into interesting business articles.  Such work is targeted at garnering industry association, thought leadership, and influence which industry professionals and homeowners alike can each benefit from understanding like what it is like to provide water damage restoration and plumbing services in Washington DC.  Additionally, the Metrix Restoration will create a press release series to help spread the word.

To learn more, visit the articles linked below.  We appreciate your support and encourage you to follow us on social media.  Thank you for Choosing Metrix over the Matter, because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.

 Emergency Plumbing and Water Damage Mitigation in Washington, DC

Water Damage Mitigation Includes Plumbing

Creating An Account With Mold Metrix in Washington, DC Is Easy & Convenient

I like to explain the benefits of creating an account with Mold Metrix in comparison to having a “trust account for your home to pay for annual home services funded with likes, shares and comments on social media, tracked with points earned.  You can use points are share them with a friend and whenever someone uses your referral code to purchase a service, you automatically earn CASH BACK. Fact: Mold Metrix made HISTORY with this approach.


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