Carpet Cleaning Pricing and Advertising Costs

$45/Room Lightly Soiled Carpet

$60/Room Moderately Soiled Carpet

$75/Room Heavily Soiled Carpet

This article helps to explain the Carpet Metrix price point:

Customers are valuable, not only because they pay for professional carpet cleaning services in Northern VA, but because without customers a carpet cleaning company can not thrive.  In the carpet cleaning industry brand awareness is a critical aspect of customer acquisition.  Lead generation companies charge an average of $55 for a carpet cleaning “lead” in Northern Virginia as of 7/15/2022; up an average of $20 from the same time last year according to Carpet Metrix marketing research.

“It takes the average carpet cleaning company 2-5 leads to books a Job”

“Choose Metrix over the Matter, Because the Power to Change the Power is in the Metrix.”

Our Northern VA customers value their customer experience, time and results over pricing.  They are not fooled by cheesy gimmicks or cheap bait and switch specials.

We market have built the Carpet Metrix Brand to appeal to the wise homeowner and optimistic educated professional looking for a professional carpet cleaning service provider in Northern Virginia.












Carpet Cleaning Administration

Professional leadership, business organization and company culture are as important to the Metrix administration as they are to accomplishing our company mission.  We do not exist to merely tell people in Northern Virginia about our professional carpet steam cleaning services.  Our purpose is summarized saying that the Carpet Metrix mission is to move our customers from “Stress to Satisfaction.”  Maintaining a professional executive staff, including management with administration is essential to a successful carpet cleaning company.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment

A low-end professional carpet cleaning package that included only the basic essential costs between 3k-5k.  However, the average homeowner in Northern VA is not likely to invest the same amount over 10 years purchasing professional carpet cleaning services.  Therefore, most homeowners are not likely to purchase and maintain professional grade equipment. 

When you compare the cost of professional carpet cleaning services to the prices of renting equipment, it does seem like a cheaper option for homeowners at first.  Using standard rental equipment, this chore would take the average homeowner almost an entire workday.  Once you add the rental costs to the cost of your labor, factoring in your skill set as a “novice” at best, plus the value of your time off from work and your soon realize the cost of a professional is cheaper than doing it yourself.

Carpet Cleaning Fleet Operations

Most carpet cleaning companies in Northern VA have a fleet of gasoline fueled vehicles and it is no secret that fuel prices effect the price of carpet cleaning and all other home maintenance services.  Managing carpet care fleet operations and logistics in Northern VA requires planning, organization but most of all cooperation from you, the Carpet Metrix carpet cleaning customer.

Time is one of the Four Pillars of Cleaning, permanently included in proper carpet care and maintenance.  At Carpet Metrix we recommend carpets be professionally cleaned at least once every 8-12 months.  It is much easier for a carpet cleaning company to service customers according to a regular cleaning schedule.  Homeowners in Northern VA save money by creating an account with Carpet Metrix.  With the money we save on advertising costs through relationship building is passed on to every Metrix customer, but only account holders are able to take full advantage our rebate and credit initiative.

Skilled Carpet Cleaning Labor

According to carpet cleaning industry research to takes 3-5 years to develop a carpet cleaning technician into a supervisor.  During this time a carpet cleaner is paid a commission of about 22% of daily SALES.  Technicians are pressured to FOCUS ON SALES and not performance. 

Xactimate is the industry standard pricing software for the water damage industry and is therefore the leading pricing standard for carpet restoration services.  The industry pay grade for cleaning supervisors such carpet cleaning professionals is $65/hour.  Most companies cannot afford to hire top talent and experienced professionals at this rate, which is how the sales commission is again supported.

Carpet Metrix does not believe in price gauging, or bait and switch marketing.  We are upfront with pricing and the carpet cleaning process to avoid miscommunication and to attract our target customer.  The money we save by developing customer relationships with account holders allows us to properly compensate top talent and eliminate pressure sales tactics during the carpet cleaning experience.











Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Completing a basic carpet cleaning project requires a minimum of 3 different cleaning products. 

  • Pre-Conditioner

  • Rising Agent

  • Fabric Protector

However, most projects in Northern VA require additional stain removal agents.  For example, treating pet stains on carpet is different from removing color dye stains.  Also, natural fibers need different chemicals from synthetic fibers.

Carpet Cleaning Savings

Carpet Metrix made HISTORY as the first water damage restoration and carpet cleaning company in Northern VA to incorporate a referral points and rewards program with a customer convenience portal.  Creating an account with Carpet Metrix is bigger than professional carpet cleaning services, it’s about securing annual home maintenance services at competitive rates and covering costs excluded from homeowners’ insurance with Points instead of Cash.  Follow Metrix Restoration on any social media platform to add credit to your account.

Choose Carpet Metrix for all your Carpet Cleaning and Restoration needs in Northern VA

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