“Topical Soil Removal is 60% of professional steam extraction carpet cleaning in Woodbridge, VA, do-not skip this pre-cleaning step”

No matter what, it doesn’t matter if your customer has had a recent appointment with their “residential home cleaning service” and they vacuumed the carpet, Do Not Skip Topical Soil Removal as the PRIMARY step to prepare for a professional steam carpet cleaning in Woodbridge VA. Topical soil consists of dry soil that has been embedded into the carpet in the variety of natural occurrences.

 The carpets, drapes and upholsteries of a home all serve as air filtration devices, because static-electricity pulls and holds particulates from the air and into the carpets.  Carpet cleaning is mostly about reversing/neutralizing the magnetic bond holding foreign particulates in the carpet.  When water is added to dirt the result is mud and what when don’t want to do is muddy up the carpet in the name of professional carpet cleaning.

Woodbridge, VA Carpet Metrix customers have an objective, which is to get the carpet cleaning job done Right, at a time that is convenient.  To the Carpet Metrix customer, Quality and Convenience outweigh Price and they are willing to fair price to achieve their objective.  Mistakes cost Time and cause stress, but life is stressful enough without an amateur carpet cleaner coming into your Woodbridge VA home or office and making a mess.  Carpet Metrix has built a Reputation of Excellence in the Carpet Cleaning & Water Damage Mitigation industry because we know that serving a customer is not just about money, it’s about solving a problem. 

“What you do for a living becomes a part of your life and I believe that what one does with their life and how they do it matters greatly”

Cleaning carpet was the first “job” I took after serving in the U.S. Navy and that this would become a major aspect of my career in the home services, restoration & cleaning industries.  The man I worked for was disciplined & principled.  As a rookie carpet cleaner, he gave me some advice for success in Woodbridge VA. He said “never go to a customers’ house thinking about how much money the ticket has on it, because if you do that you will always end up frustrated.  Instead concentrate on developing your ability to solve your customers’ problem.  Focus on solving the Woodbridge VA carpet cleaning problem and the money will follow.”  This is the advice that was given to me by a triple-master carpet cleaning mentor at the beginning of my career and is still at the center of my of customer service objective.

Purposeful effort breeds insight and clarity, which brings me back to why I advise that carpet cleaners in Woodbridge VA not skip topical soil removal.  The long terms effects and accumulative costs of skipping steps will put you out of business.  Often, inexperienced carpet cleaners will skip steps while exercising their craft.  They will justify skipping steps by arguing to themselves that they don’t have enough time, its not that important or the money isn’t enough.  However; as a professional carpet cleaning service provider, this attitude stunts your own growth/career development and makes you indistinguishable from the sea other sub-par amateurs posing as professionals.

 Many people get into the service industry only to serve themselves, without any true concern for the customer.  Residents across America have experienced the dissatisfaction that comes from a result of poor customer service.  In fact, well over 60% of Woodbridge VA residents surveyed have a strong distrust of carpet cleaning companies due to bad past experiences.  Knowing this it is important to do everything we can as service providers to build trust with customers, which is another reason why not skipping steps is so important.

Every ethical carpet cleaning company operating in Woodbridge VA wants to make as much money as they fairly can, but in order to accomplish this mission, one must first master the science of carpet cleaning and the art of customer service.  Rather than being taught how to invest the right effort and energy into cultivating mastery in the carpet cleaning industry, young technicians are taught and pressured to focus on sales.  Such short sited tactics create a vicious cycle of cause and effect that ultimately choke-holds the business with “poor customer retention” and poor “referral ratings.”

  At Carpet Metrix of Woodbridge VA, we do not believe in arguing with customers about carpet cleaning pricing, so we understand that the only way to avoid attracting “mis-informed, bargain brand” aka disqualified customers is to resident at the top of the carpet cleaning industry.  To resident at the top of industry means that one must also have achieved the matching state of industrial mastery within themselves through their work.  Carpet cleaning technicians must be taught to achieve mastery within the industry so that they may enjoy the most prosperous careers possible.  However; this principle of success is blind sided by the dim glow of short earnings, to the determent of the carpet cleaning industry, the carpet cleaning company, the carpet cleaning technician and the carpet cleaning customer.

How to become more valuable & make more money as a carpet cleaning technician in Woodbridge VA?

In order to become a master carpet cleaning professional, you must learn to value and enjoy practicing the basics.  Carpet cleaning is a step-by-step process and there is a fee for each part of the process.  My advice is to follow the process and charge for what you do; but never charge for what you do not do.  Practice the carpet cleaning process until it becomes automatic, at this point you will have programed your body so that doing a good job is easy and automatic.  With this engrained habit of success, it will be difficult for you to do a job incorrectly, which ensures quality.

Providing quality service is a minimum company standard at Carpet Metrix because we understand this is the only way to attract customer who are happy to pay your asking price for carpeting cleaning services.  There is no way is become a master by skipping steps; because the path to mastery is proficiently mastering the application of basics.

Choose Metrix over the Matter for all your Carpet Cleaning & Restoration needs; Because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.

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