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If you are looking for quality and affordable water damage restoration services in Stafford VA and the surrounding areas, Flood Metrix is the company to call. “Choose Metrix over the Matter” and discover why residential and commercial property owners call us first when it comes to professional water damage restoration, flood damage repair, and basement flood damage restoration in Stafford Virginia 22554.

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Water Damage Cleanup Stafford VA 22554

Flooding and water damage is a serious problem, especially when natural weather conditions increase the chances of flooding.  Many people have experienced flooding in their homes and offices due to heavy rains and have needed water removal services.  Unfortunately, many homeowners are learning that their homeowner’s policy does not cover outside water intrusions and are left to cover the costs of water damage cleanup and water removal services out of pocket. Water damage restoration connected to a flood or sewage backup is an involved undertaking. In fact, it is an intensive and tedious process involving water extraction, dehumidification, mold remediation, odor control, and more.

Water Removal Service Stafford VA 22554

In general, wet carpet pad from a flood or water damage is per standard “unsalvageable”, not because the pad can not be saved, but because most service providers do not have the proper equipment for these jobs.  Advanced water removal equipment and a high level of insight and understanding is required properly salvaged an effected pad.  This is important for water removal projects because 9x out of 10, if the carpet is pulled up it will not be saved.

Flood Metrix uses advanced water removal and structural drying equipment, plus our staff is highly trained and proficient.  In most cases we can salvage and restore rather than demo and repair, which costs the homeowner more money and time.  Not only can we effectively perform water extractions; Flood Metrix can also use ozone treatments and anti-bacterial injections into the carpet pad to remediate germs, bacteria, and microbial growth.

Not all water damage restoration companies provide high quality water removal, mold remediation, and structural drying services; all of which directly impact the health of your home or office after a flood or water damage.

The ability to provide high quality water extraction services is the key to saving you money and stress as a property owner.  Many companies can effectively remove flood water from carpet, but very few are sufficiently equipped for sub-surface water extraction.

Flood Damage Restoration Company Stafford VA 22554

Choosing the right water removal and flood damage cleanup company is crucial, especially when you must cover all costs out of pocket.  Fortunately, the water damage restoration industry has made many advances in technology in terms of water removal and structural drying.  Hiring a company with the right knowledge, experience & equipment for the job is more than half the battle.  As a team of highly skilled & IICRC Certified water damage restoration professionals, Flood Metrix can always be trusted to restore your Stafford VA property.

“Customer Experience is Remembered long after Price is Forgotten”

The Metrix Method

  • Precision

  • Practical application of industry standards

  • Eliminating the unnecessary

We know that your time and resources are valuable, which is why we offer complete water damage restoration and water damage cleanup services, including water damage repair.

With over 50 years combined experience in the Restoration Industry, Metrix Restoration offers a highly specialized and detail oriented approach to water removal and water damage projects.
As certified water damage restoration and remediation experts serving the DMV area, it is our duty and honor to ensure that we effect and maintain the highest level of indoor environment quality for our customers home and office.

Metrix Values


Water damage restoration & water removal is a step by step, detail oriented progress. 

We understand the importance of proper water damage cleanup response.

As the most reliable water damage restoration service nearest you, our methods include a master level, IICRC certified approach to effectively restoring your home or office to a normal, “pre-loss” condition.

We strive to provide our customers with an experience of comfort and satisfaction, even in the middle of a stressful water damage project.

About Flood Metrix Water Damage Restoration

Flood Metrix is located Northern VA. We offer water damage restoration & emergency water extraction service to Stafford VA and areas within a 33 mile radius of Prince William County VA such as Dumfries VA, Woodbridge, Fredericksburg, Falmouth, Aquia Harbour, Garrisonville and Southern Gate.  At Flood Metrix we understand the stress that comes with experiencing a flooded home or office. Therefore, it is our mission to replace stress with satisfaction whenever duty calls. If you need help with a flood damage cleanup, mold remediation or cleaning your carpets, call us today. Both experienced & certified, we have exactly what it takes to provide of 100% of your water damage restoration needs.

“Choose Metrix over the Matter, because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix”

Stafford VA 22554 water damage restoration project notes: Busted bathroom water pipe.

First contact for this water damage cleanup project was took place after hours on a Thursday, just week before New Year’s.  My customer was in the process of selling her house at the beginning of the year.  Seeing her house flooded with water damage on all three levels, especially around the holidays, was very overwhelming and emotional for my customer.  I promised to work as hard on moving her from stress to satisfaction, as I did mitigating her water damage.

Within 24 hours, all water damaged unsalvageable material had been removed for disposal on all three levels.  The average temperature of this flood damage restoration project increased from 55 degrees to 95 degrees.  Also, the average relative humidity dropped from 75% to 43%.  Such improvement to the inside conditions contributed greatly to reaching dry goal for the water damage floors of this home in just 4 days.

Once the hardwood floors were dry, my customer started to feel an enormous sense of relief.  Allstate was the insurance carrier for this flood damage.  The water damage adjuster was pleased with how quickly we were able to dry the flood damage floors and move on to the kitchen cabinets.  Witnessing firsthand how pleased the adjustor was with our work, my customer could finally smile.

In all, it took 7 days to completely dry all areas effected by the flood.  The busted pipe caused over 25k dollars in water damage restoration, plus plumbing and construction costs.  Allstate covered 100% of the water damage and construction costs and by taking advantage of our customer rewards program the customer had $0 in out-of-pocket costs.  Choose Metrix over the Matter, Because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.

Water Damage Restoration Experts In Stafford VA 22554

Flood Metrix is the number one choice of residential and commercial property owners when it comes to flood damage restoration in Stafford VA. Our team of qualified experts are IICRC certified to provide safe and cost-effective solutions in restoring your property to its original condition. We will leave no stone unturned to keep your home or business clean, safe, and free from any water-related damage.

At Flood Metrix, we are committed to providing you with a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish. We will conduct an initial inspection using specialized tools and equipment, work directly with your insurance adjuster, and even offer you flexible payment financing. Furthermore, we are fully licensed and insured to protect your family and property from any mishaps that may occur while our team works on site.

Flood Metrix is top rated for water damage restoration, water damage cleanup & water removal services in Stafford VA. We are committed to providing you with a full range of quality and affordable services such as: water removal emergency services, flood damage cleanup, and basement flood damage restoration.


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