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Discover why residential and commercial property owners Choose Metrix Over  The Matter  for water damage restoration, flood damage repair, and basement flood damage restoration in Great Falls Virginia.

Water removal services require rapid emergency response action.

Water damage restoration companies are graded “A-F” for water mitigation response time. 

This includes on-site arrival time for emergency water extraction.

Water Extraction & Removal Experts In Great Falls VA

Flood Metrix is the number one choice of residential and commercial property owners when it comes to flood damage restoration in Great Falls, VA. Our team of qualified experts are IICRC certified to provide safe and cost-effective solutions in restoring your property to its original condition. We will leave no stone unturned to keep your home or business clean, safe, and free from any water-related damage.

Water Damage Mitigation Great Falls VA 

Flood Metrix is the #1 water damage mitigation company serving Great Falls VA.  We are experts at every aspect of water damage restoration including water removal, structural drying, mold removal, odor control, carpet cleaning and more. Flood Metrix will take the stress out of any water damage repair or restoration project so you can get back on your feet in no time.

Water Damage Repair in Great Falls VA 

At Flood Metrix, our Great Falls VA flood damage restoration crew is on call 24/7 to assist whenever a flood occurs.

Each flood has unique challenges, and our team of qualified experts are trained to successfully overcome any flood damage obstacle.

Our services are specially designed to solve all of your water-related problems like mold growth, structural issues, plumbing leaks, and even cosmetic damages to your home.

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Water damage restoration & water removal is a step by step, detail oriented progress. We understand the importance of proper water damage cleanup response.
As the most reliable water damage restoration service nearest you, our methods include a master level, IICRC certified approach to effectively restoring your home or office to a normal, “pre-loss” condition. We strive to provide our customers with an experience of comfort and satisfaction, even in the middle of a stressful water damage project.

The Metrix Method


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We know that your time and resources are valuable, which is why we offer complete water damage restoration and water damage cleanup services, including water damage repair.  As certified water damage restoration and remediation experts serving the Great Falls, VA area, it is our duty and honor to ensure that we effect and maintain the highest level of indoor environment quality for our customers home and office.

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Water Damage FAQ

Learn answers to frequently asked questions by visiting our Water Damage Restoration FAQ page. Visit our blog & YouTube page to find detailed articles and videos.

Basement Flood Damage Great Falls VA  

There are many reasons for water seeping into your basements such as: heavy rains, leaky roofs, overflowing sewers, faulty plumbing pipes or sump pump failures.

Whatever the cause may be, it is wise to hire a professional who has the right skills, experience, and equipment to handle your flooded basement.

At Flood Metrix, we will restore your basement in no time and help you take precautions against future incidents.

Many basement floods caused by heavy rains are associated with sump pump failures.

In fact, sump pump failure is considered one of the top causes of basement flooding.

With this fact in mind, I suggest checking your sump pump to make sure it is working properly.

Having a back up power source is also highly recommended.

During heavy rains land becomes saturated as rainwater soaks into the ground.

However, a sump pump works to pump that water into a sewage drain to prevent basement flooding.

Again, a properly functioning sump pump is a major key to preventing basement floods or needing basement flood cleanup.  

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Flood Metrix is top rated for water damage restoration, water damage cleanup & water removal services in Great Falls VA. We are committed to providing you with a full range of quality and affordable services such as: water removal emergency services, flood damage cleanup, and basement flood damage restoration.

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