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If you are looking for quality and affordable water damage restoration services in Alexandria VA and the surrounding areas, Flood Metrix is the company to call. “Choose Metrix over the Matter” and discover why residential and commercial property owners call us first when it comes to professional water damage restoration, flood damage repair, and basement flood damage restoration in Alexandria Virginia 22314.

Contact us today at (833) 200-9444 for a free consultation and estimate.

Water Damage Restoration Company in Alexandria VA 22314

Flood Metrix is the number one choice of residential and commercial property owners when it comes to flood damage restoration in Alexandria, VA.

Our team of qualified experts are IICRC certified to provide safe and cost-effective solutions in restoring your property to its original condition.

We will leave no stone unturned to keep your home or business clean, safe, and free from any water-related damage.

At Flood Metrix, we are committed to providing you with a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Water Damage Clean Up Alexandria VA 22314

We will conduct an initial inspection using specialized tools and equipment, work directly with your insurance adjuster, and even offer you flexible payment financing. Furthermore, we are fully licensed and insured to protect your family and property from any mishaps that may occur while our team works on site.

Water Damage Repair Alexandria VA

Flood Metrix is top rated for water damage restoration, water damage cleanup & water removal services in Alexandria VA 22314.

We are committed to providing you with a full range of quality and affordable services such as: water removal emergency services, flood damage cleanup, and basement flood damage restoration.

Metrix Values


Alexandria VA 22314 Water damage restoration & water removal is a step by step, detail oriented progress.

We understand the importance of proper water damage cleanup response.

As the most reliable water damage restoration service nearest you, our methods include a masters execution level, IICRC certified approach to effectively restoring your home or office to a normal, “pre-loss” condition.

We strive to provide our customers with an experience of comfort and satisfaction, even in the middle of a stressful water damage project.

The Metrix Method

  • Precision

  • Practical application of industry standards

  • Eliminating the unnecessary

We know that your time and resources are valuable, which is why we offer complete water damage restoration and water damage cleanup services, including water damage repair.

With over 50 years combined experience in the Restoration Industry, Metrix Restoration offers a highly specialized and detail oriented approach to water removal and water damage projects.
As certified water damage restoration and remediation experts serving the DMV area, it is our duty and honor to ensure that we effect and maintain the highest level of indoor environment quality for our customers home and office.

Benefits to Creating An Account With Metrix 

1. Creating an account is like purchasing a valuable home maintenance policy for your property with a Follow on social media.  Grow the value of your account by liking, commenting and sharing.

2. Zero Dollar Insurance Deductible

3. Save up to 30% on annual maintenance services

4. Cash Referral Rewards

5. Protect your home from damages insurance may not cover

$300 off water damage restoration

$25 Instant Credit For All New Accounts Plus An Additional $25 Credit For New Account Referrals

We value your business and recognize the benefits of having an educated customer just as much as we value your recommendation.  We think of our customers as “investors” and give high value to that relationship which is monetized and tracked by way of the customer portal.

Like, share, comment, follow, review, refer & participate to earn points, cash & prizes.

We know that if we can get a customer and keep a customer, we position ourselves to better service that customer.

50 Gallon Water Damage Alexandria VA 22314

Every customer engagement is an opportunity to create and develop strong customer relationships.  To most people, water damage restoration remains unheard of until the service is needed.  That’s because it is an emergency service that most homeowners will experience only once every 8-12 years.  This lack of information adds an additional element of pain to the inherent stress of the water damage restoration process.

Everything about Metrix Restoration is designed to better serve our Alexandria VA 22314 customers, which is why we were the first flood/water mitigation company to add custom customer portals to our website for easy project file organization and rewards tracking.  We also offer annual home maintenance services such as carpet cleaning/ air duct cleaning so that our customers benefit most.

Alexandria VA Residential Water Damage is 60% Personal & 40% Business

My customer for this water damage project is a married couple with professional obligations that will not forgive a non-life threatening emergency.  The average water mitigation takes 3-5 days for completion which means you may end up with water damage professionals in your home while you are not there.  Flood Metrix understands the stress this may cause, which is why one reason we promote customer relationship among our company core values.

Remaining flexible and staying customer focused is 1 key to flood cleanup stress relief in Alexandria VA 22314

The customer was able to provide all the information I needed during our first contact.  From that conversation, I knew exactly what kind of specialty water damage restoration equipment I would use to complete this project.  I also knew that the plumber would need space to work and would need to access the plumbing within the effected wall cavity.

Plumbing can be sensitive and pressure will always bust water pipes in Alexandria VA 22314

Plumbing repair for this project was provided by McCarthy Services located at 8198 Terminal Rd Ste 100, Lorton VA 22079.  They sent out an experienced technician named “Emmanuel” who was able to accurately pinpoint the exact place “water loss” from the pipe occurred.

The plumber was able to locate the exact point of failure in the water pipe and the Flood Metrix water damage inspection was able to discover that the plumbing pressure valve settings had previously been adjusted.  This adjustment increased the water pressure per square inch connected to the water heater.  Eventually the pipe busted and flooded the water heater room along with the adjacent areas.

Working with a related industry veteran is a valuable experience for a service professional, especially in Alexandria VA 22314

Water damage mitigation and restoration is a multi-phase process which often involves related trades.  These projects cost thousands of dollars and should only be practiced by IICRC Certified and trained service professionals.  Plumbing and Water Damage go hand in hand and with experience comes the ability to work with the “other trade” in a seamless way to provide your customer with a rich, satisfying experience.

The blue-collar professional is one of the highest earning professionals in the DC Metro area, which is the 7th largest metropolitan area in the US.  Experienced trade professionals average six figure incomes and they all have certain professional characteristics “six-figure blue collar profile”.  Follow this conversation on LinkedIn and Instagram #BlueCollarExecutive.

Water Damage Floors take precedence over drywall In Alexandria VA 22314

Almost 72 hours had past and the wood floor in the water heater room was dry.  I set up two axial air movers in addition to the heat that was generated by the restoration equipment to salvage the drywall.  However, my customer moved one of the air movers and the drywall only dried 50%.  Fortunately, I had the inject dry wall drying hoses in my truck.

Drop a comment if you’re a service provider who has to leave equipment at customer residences #MetrixConnection.  Follow us on LinkedIn and TikTok @MetrixOverTheMatter #MetrixConnection.

“All Water Damage Restoration Equipment Must Be Cleaned and Decontaminated Before and After Entering An Alexandria VA 22314 Job Site Per Equipment Maintenance & Safety Compliance Standards”

Once my equipment was cleaned loaded it up and switched out the floor drying mats with the wall drying cavity hoses.  This specialty drying equipment is worth so much more than its weight in gold.  It saves times, money, & labor; its also fast, efficient, compact & quiet.

Homeowners in the Alexandria VA Metro Area deserve convenient customer service technology & state of the art equipment.

What I enjoyed most about this Alexandria VA 22314 flood damage project is that I was working with my exact “bullseye target customer.”  This family embodies the ideal “Metrix Customer Profile,” they are exactly the kind of customer I market and brand Metrix Restoration to attract.  I imagine my ideal customer as being willing to spread the word about Metrix and should also benefit from their willingness to “help a business out” with a recommendation & or a review.

At Metrix Restoration we believe that the best way to serve our customers is through healthy customer relationships.  We developed the points and rewards program as a way to invest back into our customers financially, the same way they invest in us. 

carpet cleaning

Alexandria VA Water Damage & Carpet Cleaning Are Two Of A Kind

Throughout this entire process, my customer has been concerned about her carpet.  She even moved one of the air movers I left in place to dry the most effected area, to dry a spot of the carpet.  I explained to my customer that in category 1 and 2 water losses, carpet cleaning is often covered by insurance.  As only 2 carpet areas were indirectly effected by the flood, I advised my customer to allow me the opportunity to consult with her water damage adjustor.  In most cases all it takes is a conversation for your insurance company to go the extra mile.

In the end, Flood Metrix was able to be so efficient with the water damage mitigation, that we were able to save money on the water damage repairs, putting money back into our customers pocket to cover the out of pocket plumbing expenses.  With the earned from participating in our rewards program, they were able to accumulate huge savings on their insurance claim deductible.  Like and Follow us on Facebook.com/MetrixOverTheMatter #ReferralsAsASideHustle.

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