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What should I expect to happen during a flood or water damage clean up?

            As an IICRC Certified Master Water Damage Professional serving Prince William County, Virginia and surrounding cities within a 33 mile radius; I am inspired to share this article as it contains both valuable and insightful information about emergency water extraction, flood damage restoration, drying out a flood and more.

Homeowner Authorization

The flood & water damage company you hire will need to collect some initial information in order to best serve you and your home or office.  Most companies will require direct authorization from the property owner in the form of a signed service agreement before recognizing anyone else as an authorized agent.  This standard operating procedure for flood damage restoration is for both liability & quality assurance.  Flood Metrix in Prince William County, Virginia will send a NO OBLIGATION service agreement for electronic signature to the homeowner. 

Initial Details for an emergency water extraction

            When calling in for an emergency flood water extraction service, the operator will ask for some initial damage details.  Some questions you may be asked include: How many levels and rooms are effected with water damage?  Do the flooded areas contain furniture?  Do the flooded areas have carpets or hard floor surfaces?  Are there any residents in the flooded home or office that with health issue, asthma or allergies?  Does the water damaged property have electricity? 

Having these details on file can help your emergency water damage company ensure your project runs smoothly & in the shortest time possible.  Flood Metrix in Prince William County, Virginia serves cities within a 33-mile radius & is able to provide live link video chat to help collect initial details and flood damage information.

Free Flood & Water Damage Estimates in Prince William County, Virginia and surrounding cities within a 33-mile radius

            In order to create an accurate water damage estimate and complete flood damage project scope, your estimator will need to take a lot of pictures for documentation purposes.  A good estimator will capture both what is effected and unaffected for liability and insurance claim.  Project document should begin outside before the inspector enters the property; important information such as temperature, relative humidity, picture of the property & available parking are examples of flood damage information collected outside of a property.

In addition to snap shot photos, Flood Metrix uses doc-u-sketch cameras to created a 3D virtual tours of each flood damage.  This virtual tour is created on-site and is shareable with the touch of a button.  Flood Metrix will also use thermal imaging, temperature scans, thermal hydrometers and moisture meters to gather important flood damage details.

Here are the top 5 things you need to know as a property owner, to better understand the flood and water damage restoration process.

  1. Timing is crucial to preventing secondary damages such as warped walls and doors, damage to furniture, and mold growth even in places the flood did not touch. Therefore, a Flood Metrix service professional will respond with urgency to prevent further damages. Customers expect to get an estimate before hiring a contractor and, in most cases, this is advisable; however, there are some cases where comparing estimates is not practical. Most property owners’ insurance covers emergency services such as flood damage restoration and emergency water removal; therefore, the emergency service billing process is a little different from the non-emergency service billing.
  2. Most reputable insurance providers do not require a written estimate before approving emergency water mitigation services to begin. However, they will require confirmation of the water damage source, i.e., sump pump failure, busted pipe, or appliance leak for example.

Often property owners will call Flood Metrix to request an estimate for flood damage or emergency water removal services. There are two major reasons a property owner calls to request an estimate for flood damage or emergency water removal service. First is because they do not know if their insurance is going to cover the cost of repairs. Second, because they need to find out if the cost of repair is worth using insurance coverage, which in most cases it is. Customers who choose Metrix over the Matter in an emergency and are self-pay customers receive special residential self-pay pricing.

  1. Documentation for an emergency water removal services is critical, especially when insurance is paying the bill. Do not be surprised if your water damage inspector takes pictures before they even enter your property. The inspector is required to follow industry guidelines for submitting project details for insurance claims. For example, we need to document relevant environmental conditions outside, note any damages, and of course collect a picture of the damaged property.

In addition to the photos taken outside, the inspector will also take pictures from the moment they enter the property, all the way through to the affected area. This is for both liability purposes and to create a proper damage scope. For example, what pictures may need to be taken down off walls so to prevent damage while a crew is bringing in equipment, what type of floor protection is required, and how many items may need to be moved. At Flood Metrix we use doc-u-sketch cameras to not only take photos but also to create a 3D virtual tour of the flood damage. Providing this quality of service allows us to share claim details with any adjuster, in real time, at the touch of a button.

  1. In most cases we will collect a deductible up front with the average deductible being $500 or $1,000; sometimes the deductible can be up to $2,500. However, this does not have to be a problem because Flood Metrix can defer your deductible to be applied towards the Reconstruction portion of your water damage project. This benefit creates little to no out-of-pocket expense for a customer. This is just another reason to choose Metrix over the Matter because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.
  2. Most flood & water damage projects have 2 and sometimes 3 phases; each phase has different stages. Phase 1 is the Water mitigation phase, which includes the cleanup and structural drying process. Phase 2 is Reconstruction & phase 3 would include Content Restoration. Each phase is paid as a separate invoice by an insurance provider, even if the same contractor handles 3 phases. 

Flood Damage

Water removal & restoration is extremely tedious & requires the proper equipment.


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Flood Metrix has the experience needed to safely & thoroughly clean all contaminated areas.


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Our team can also rebuild the areas of your home or business devastated by water or mold damage.


Carpet Cleaning

We can dry, clean, & disinfect your carpets whether they’ve been subject to water damage or just years of use.


Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your air ducts is vital to your family’s health & can prevent costly AC repairs.

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The purpose of this article is to introduce the reader to a more complete understanding of water damage.  Flood Metrix defines water damage as “any water that causes the usefulness, or future use or value of any property to become impaired by water in liquid, solid or gas form.  Water damage includes primary & secondary damages.

Primary water damage is caused by water in liquid form coming into direct contact with surfaces and contents within affected areas.  Standing water from busted water pipes, toilet leaks, water heaters & sump pump failures are all sources of primary water damage.  Saturated carpets, bubbling drywall, buckling hardwood floors & damaged furniture are examples of primary water damage.

Secondary water damage is caused by water in its gas form which is measure by relative humidity & humidity ratio.  Secondary water damage occurs in areas where the relative humidity is sustained at 60% or above over time.  Hygroscopic damage and mold damage are the eventual results of secondary water damage.

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