Is there any additional charge for specialty drying equipment?

No, but there is a min 3-day rental charge.  The average rental of special drying equipment is 4-6 days, but there are times when dry goal may be achieved between 48-72 hours.

The purpose of specialty drying equipment is to increase the probability of a water damage contractor properly salvaging & restoring contents/materials effected by water damage. When water damage property can be restored, it saves both the homeowner and the insurance company money on the reconstruction cost.

In fact, proper use of specialty drying equipment is so effective that it is the Insurance Industry Standard to allow water damage restoration contractors to attempt restoration with specialty drying equipment before removal/demolition.

What is specialty drying?

Specialty drying involves the use of specialized equipment beyond the water damage industry basic standards of air movers & dehumidifiers.  This involves for example, the special equipment necessary for directed heat, drying wall cavities, counters, hardwood floors and carpet padding.

For these jobs and in colder months, special drying equipment is a must for successful water damage restoration.

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