When do I see a bill for water damage restoration?

Keep in mind that water damage restoration requires fast action.  With that said, most water damage claims are paid with insurance.  The process for billing your insurance company for emergency water damage restoration is unlike other services in that it DOES NOT REQUIERE an estimate.  Therefore, invoicing is not generated until the flood/water damage restoration is complete.

What should I expect day 1 of the water damage restoration process?

On day one of a water damage restoration project, expect the focus to be on water removal.  Along with this, expect your project manager to perform a thorough inspection of the affected areas & completely document the process for record keeping/insurance purposes.  If you are planning to pay with insurance, your adjustor will receive an initial project report of cause/damages.  The insurance company is concerned with the cause and damages, not estimated costs.

How long does it take to complete a water damage restoration cleanup?

Water damage restoration projects are completed in phases.  The average water removal & cleanup process takes 3-5 days, with an additional 3 days drying time. Once the water mitigation and content restoration process is complete, the water damage repair/reconstruction phase can begin.  Water damage repair & reconstruction projects have an average 2–4-week completion time frame.

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