Why Plumbing and Water Damage Mitigation Companies Should Unite for Success

Why Plumbing and Water Damage Mitigation Companies Should Unite for Success











Major Topics of this Article Include

  • Network Success

  • The Mitigation Plumber

The Power of Collaboration

By Metrix Restoration

In a dynamic and interconnected business landscape, collaboration has become the key to success. Plumbing and water damage mitigation companies are no exception. By joining forces and optimizing networking and cross-marketing efforts, these industries can minimize costs, maximize synergy, and create a winning formula that benefits both businesses. In this article, we explore the tremendous potential that lies in the collaboration between plumbing and water damage mitigation companies, focusing on strategic cross-marketing across platforms such as Google, YouTube, and social media.

Networking for Success

Networking is a powerful tool that can unlock a world of opportunities for both plumbing and water damage mitigation companies. By establishing relationships and partnerships, these businesses can tap into each other’s networks, expanding their reach and potential client base. Here’s how they can work together to optimize networking:

Referral Programs: Implementing a referral program where plumbing companies refer customers to trusted water damage mitigation companies, and vice versa, creates a mutually beneficial arrangement. It strengthens relationships, builds trust, and generates a steady stream of qualified leads for both parties.

  1. Partnership Events: Hosting joint networking events, such as workshops or seminars, allows plumbing and water damage mitigation companies to showcase their expertise while fostering meaningful connections with potential clients and industry professionals.
  2. Industry Associations: Active involvement in industry associations and organizations provides opportunities for networking, collaboration, and staying updated on the latest trends and best practices. Plumbers and water damage mitigation companies can join forces within these associations to leverage collective knowledge and resources.

Cross-Marketing for Maximum Exposure

Harnessing the power of cross-marketing enables plumbing and water damage mitigation companies to expand their visibility and reach a broader audience. By combining forces, they can minimize costs while maximizing the impact of their marketing efforts. Here are some effective cross-marketing strategies:

Collaborative Online Ads: Creating joint advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads, YouTube, and social media can significantly increase the visibility and effectiveness of marketing efforts. By pooling resources, both industries can share the costs of online advertising and leverage each other’s expertise and brand recognition.

  1. Content Collaboration: Collaborating on content creation, such as blog posts, articles, or video tutorials, allows plumbing and water damage mitigation companies to share their knowledge and provide valuable information to a wider audience. This cross-promotion enhances credibility and strengthens the brand image of both parties.
  2. Social Media Collaboration: Engaging in cross-promotion on social media platforms, such as sharing each other’s posts, tagging each other in relevant content, or co-hosting live Q&A sessions, can boost reach, engagement, and follower growth for both plumbing and water damage mitigation companies.

Synergy through Knowledge Exchange

Collaboration between plumbing and water damage mitigation companies goes beyond networking and marketing. It also creates opportunities for knowledge exchange, fostering continuous growth and improvement. By sharing industry insights, best practices, and innovative techniques, both industries can elevate their services and provide even greater value to their customers.

Embracing the Future Together

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, collaboration is the key to staying ahead of the curve. Plumbing and water damage mitigation companies have immense potential for synergy through networking, cross-marketing, and knowledge exchange. By embracing this collaborative mindset, these industries can minimize costs, maximize impact, and create a powerful alliance that benefits both businesses and their customers.

At Metrix Restoration, we believe in the power of collaboration and are always open to partnerships and collaborations with plumbing companies. If you are a plumbing professional looking to explore the possibilities of working together, reach out to us today and let’s create a future of mutual success.

Elevating the Game: Why Water Damage and Mold Recognition Training is a Game-Changer for Plumbers and Homeowners

By Metrix Restoration

In an age where specialization and excellence are key, plumbers are finding it essential to diversify their skillsets. One such diversification that stands out is the completion of water damage and mold recognition training, transforming traditional plumbers into competent Mitigation Plumbers. In this article, we delve into why this training is a major accomplishment and how it profoundly benefits homeowners.

A New Breed of Professionals: The Mitigation Plumber

Traditionally, plumbers have been the heroes who swoop in to fix leaky pipes and clogged drains. However, with water damage and mold recognition training, they evolve into a new breed of professionals – Mitigation Plumbers. Armed with knowledge on how to identify and tackle water damage and mold, they become the front line in not just repairing but preventing and mitigating significant damage.

Why is this Training a Major Accomplishment?

  1. Broadened Skillset: Mitigation Plumbers go beyond traditional plumbing skills. They are trained in identifying the early signs of water damage and mold, which are crucial in preventing extensive property damage.
  2. Enhanced Value: With this training, plumbers provide more value to their clients by offering comprehensive solutions. This boosts their marketability and demand.
  3. Increased Revenue: A Mitigation Plumber can charge for an expanded range of services, opening up new revenue streams.
  4. Professional Recognition: This training often leads to certifications, which enhance a plumber’s professional standing and credibility.
  5. Confidence and Competence: Being well-trained breeds confidence. A Mitigation Plumber is better equipped to handle complex situations, knowing they can provide the best solutions.

How Does this Benefit Homeowners?

  1. One-Stop Solution: Homeowners benefit from the convenience of having a single professional who can both fix plumbing issues and advise on water damage and mold. This saves time and effort in coordinating between multiple service providers.
  2. Early Detection: Mitigation Plumbers can identify early signs of water damage and mold that homeowners might overlook. Early detection can save homeowners significant repair costs in the future.
  3. Expert Guidance: Having a trained professional means that homeowners can receive expert advice on how to prevent future issues and maintain the plumbing systems properly.
  4. Peace of Mind: Knowing that a competent, well-trained professional is handling their plumbing and potential water damage issues provides homeowners with peace of mind.
  5. Insurance Navigation: Mitigation Plumbers are often knowledgeable about insurance claims related to water damage, and can guide homeowners through this often complex process.

The Win-Win

In conclusion, water damage and mold recognition training creates a win-win situation for both plumbers and homeowners. While it elevates plumbers into a category of highly specialized professionals, it provides homeowners with the invaluable service of early detection and holistic care for their properties.

At Metrix Restoration, we take pride in fostering the development of Mitigation Plumbers through our specialized training programs. If you are a plumber looking to take your career to the next level, or a homeowner seeking the best in plumbing and water damage mitigation services, get in touch with us today.

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Introducing the Water Mitigation Plumber

Introducing the Water Mitigation Plumber











Major Topics of this Article Include

  • What is a Water Damage Mitigation Plumber?

  • Benefits of using a Water Damage Mitigation Plumber.

  • Featured Water Damage Mitigation Plumber.

Revolutionizing the Plumbing and Water Damage Mitigation Industry

In the realms of plumbing and water damage restoration, a groundbreaking category of professionals is emerging. Known as “Mitigation Plumbers”, these specially trained service technicians are blazing trails in both residential and commercial sectors by adeptly tackling plumbing issues associated with:

  • water damage mitigation
  • flooding
  • mold remediation

One pioneering figure spearheading this movement is Khonsol Badu Managing Director of Metrix Restoration. Through education and collaboration, Khonsol is helping plumbers tap into new avenues of revenue while concurrently enhancing value for their customers.

What is a Mitigation Plumber?

Traditionally, plumbing technicians have been focused on resolving plumbing issues without necessarily having in-depth knowledge of the broader implications, especially when it comes to water damage. Mitigation Plumbers are trained to bridge this gap. Not only are they equipped to deal with plumbing malfunctions, but they also possess extensive knowledge about water damage restoration processes. This dual expertise enables them to offer comprehensive solutions, from stopping the source of the water damage to suggesting preventive measures and restoration steps.

The Benefits for Plumbing Technicians

Many plumbers have yet to realize the vast benefits of collaborating with a water damage mitigation company. By working closely with such entities, they can avail themselves of opportunities like referral fees and an expanded professional network. Khonsol Badu is at the forefront of educating plumbers on how to seize these benefits.

Referral Fees

By establishing a partnership with a water damage restoration company, plumbers can earn referral fees. Whenever a plumber encounters a scenario where water damage restoration is needed, they can refer the case to the restoration company and earn a fee for this referral.

Networking and Reputation

Working with a water damage mitigation company can significantly expand a plumber’s professional network. This partnership not only opens doors to new clients but also bolsters the plumber’s reputation as a versatile and comprehensive service provider.

The Benefits for Customers

Customers stand to gain immensely from the expertise of Mitigation Plumbers. Since these professionals are versed in both plumbing and water damage mitigation, customers receive an all-encompassing service.

Efficient and Comprehensive Service

Mitigation Plumbers can efficiently identify the root cause of water damage, resolve the plumbing issue, and advise on the water damage restoration process. This eliminates the need for customers to seek out separate professionals for plumbing and restoration services.

Cost Savings

By engaging a Mitigation Plumber who understands the full spectrum of water damage, customers can potentially save costs in the long run. The plumber’s ability to assess and recommend preventive measures can ward off future incidents and associated costs.

Khonsol Badu and Metrix Restoration Leading the Charge

Khonsol Badu of Metrix Restoration is a visionary in this burgeoning field. Through workshops, seminars, and one-on-one consultations, Khonsol is committed to educating plumbing technicians on the lucrative and mutually beneficial opportunities that can be unlocked through collaboration with water damage mitigation companies.

Metrix Restoration is not just fostering an era of highly skilled and versatile professionals, but also ensuring that customers receive the best service possible. By cultivating a new breed of Mitigation Plumbers, Khonsol Badu is significantly enhancing the landscape of the plumbing and water damage mitigation industry.


Elevating the Plumbing Profession: Metrix Restoration’s Specialized Training for Plumbers

At Metrix Restoration, we recognize the critical role that plumbers play in safeguarding homes and businesses from the devastating effects of water damage. However, we also understand that the traditional plumbing training often lacks focus on dealing with insurance companies and understanding the intricacies of water damage mitigation. This is why Metrix Restoration is committed to bridging this gap by providing specialized training to plumbers. Our program includes comprehensive training on:

  • How to Get a Plumbing Invoice Covered by Insurance
  • How to work with Water Mitigation Insurance
  • How to write a Plumbers Report for a Water Damage Claim
  • How to determine if Plumbing should be included with a Water Damage Claim
  • How to recognize Mold and Water Damage
  • When to recommend Water Mitigation
  • Water Damage Mitigation Basics

The Need for Specialized Training

Water damage can be one of the most expensive and stressful issues a property owner can face. Plumbers are usually the first line of defense when it comes to preventing and repairing the causes of water damage. But dealing with the aftermath, particularly the complex insurance claims process, requires a set of skills beyond basic plumbing.

Learning How to Get a Plumbing Invoice Covered by Insurance

One of the “Metrix Mitigation Plumbers” core training modules focuses on teaching plumbers the know-how of getting their invoices covered by insurance. This entails:

  • Understanding the language of insurance policies
  • Knowing what information and documentation are necessary for claims
  • Navigating the insurance claims process
  • Communicating effectively with insurance adjusters
  • Learning how to advocate for customers during the claims process

This module aims to ensure that plumbers are adequately compensated for their vital services and can effectively assist their customers through the insurance claims process.

40 Hours of Continued Water Damage Mitigation Training for Working with Insurance

Another essential component of the training is the 40 hours of continued Water Damage Mitigation Training. This training encompasses:

  • Understanding different types of water damage and their causes
  • Techniques for drying and dehumidification
  • Learning about mold and its mitigation
  • Understanding the importance of rapid response in water damage situations
  • Knowing how to estimate repair costs accurately
  • Understanding insurance coverage for different types of water damage
  • Learning to work with insurance adjusters and water damage restoration companies
  • Safety procedures for dealing with water-damaged properties

The Impact of Training

By undertaking Metrix Restoration’s specialized training, plumbers can dramatically enhance their skill set, making them not just experts in their field but also adept at dealing with the challenges that arise in the wake of water damage. This not only improves their professional prospects but also immensely benefits their customers by ensuring that they receive comprehensive and competent service.

Join Metrix Restoration’s Specialized Training Program

At Metrix Restoration, we believe in empowering plumbers to be the best in their profession. By imparting essential knowledge and skills, we aim to create a community of highly skilled professionals capable of navigating the often-turbulent waters of plumbing and water damage mitigation.

If you are a plumber looking to elevate your career, or a property owner seeking the best services, look no further than Metrix Restoration’s specialized training program.

Be part of the change. Enroll today and take your plumbing career to new heights.

The Synergy of Plumbing and Water Damage Restoration: Why Plumbers Need to Dive In

By Metrix Restoration

When we think of plumbers, images of wrenches, pipes, and leaky faucets might fill our minds. However, plumbing is much more than fixing leaks and unclogging drains. With the increasing incidence of water damage in homes and commercial spaces, there is a growing need for professionals who not only fix the plumbing issues but are also well-versed in the aspects of water damage restoration. In this blog post, Metrix Restoration discusses why it is paramount for plumbers to immerse themselves in the world of water damage restoration.

Holistic Service Offering

As a plumber, you are often the first responder to plumbing issues that may have caused water damage. By understanding water damage restoration, you can offer a more comprehensive service to your customers. Instead of just fixing a leak, you can evaluate the extent of water damage, suggest preventive measures, and guide them through the restoration process. This holistic service not only enhances customer satisfaction but positions you as a go-to expert for all water-related issues.

Increased Revenue Streams

Understanding water damage restoration can open new doors for plumbers in terms of revenue streams. By offering water damage restoration services, or by collaborating with restoration companies, you can expand your service portfolio. This diversification not only increases your earning potential but also provides an opportunity to create a niche for yourself in an evolving market.

Enhanced Reputation and Trust

Customers tend to place higher trust in professionals who exhibit expertise in a wider range of services. By equipping yourself with knowledge and skills in water damage restoration, you can build a reputation as a versatile expert. This not only helps in customer retention but also in word-of-mouth referrals, which can be the most potent form of advertising.

Competitive Edge

The plumbing industry is highly competitive. By adding water damage restoration to your skill set, you gain a competitive edge over those who offer standard plumbing services. In an age where customers are looking for one-stop solutions, your dual expertise will make you a preferred choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

Greater Understanding of Customer Needs

Understanding the intricacies of water damage restoration helps you to better understand the needs and concerns of customers who have experienced water damage. This allows you to communicate more effectively and offer solutions that are in line with what the customer requires, fostering a positive and supportive customer relationship.

Contributing to Community Well-being

Water damage can have a devastating effect on properties and the well-being of residents. As a plumber skilled in water damage restoration, you are not just fixing pipes; you are contributing to the restoration of homes and the well-being of your community. This can be a source of immense satisfaction and fulfillment.

In Closing

The synergy between plumbing and water damage restoration is undeniable. At Metrix Restoration, we encourage and support plumbers to expand their horizons and dive into the rewarding and vital field of water damage restoration. Through training and collaboration, we can work towards not just building better businesses but safeguarding and restoring the spaces we call home.

If you are a plumber looking to enhance your skillset and services, get in touch with Metrix Restoration for training and collaboration opportunities. Together, let’s shape a future where every drop counts.

Congratulations to Our Metrix Mitigation Plumber Graduates!

We are elated to present the graduates of the Metrix Mitigation Plumber 40-Hour Continued Training Program with their well-deserved certificates. This achievement is a testament to your dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence in both plumbing and water damage mitigation. As we distribute these certificates, we recognize the culmination of weeks of learning and the beginning of an exciting journey ahead.

Certificate of Completion

This certificate hereby acknowledges that

[Name of the Plumber]

has successfully completed the

Metrix Mitigation Plumber 40-Hour Continued Training Program

This program encompassed an extensive curriculum including:

  • Understanding Water Damage and its Causes
  • Plumbing Techniques for Damage Prevention
  • Mold Identification and Remediation Strategies
  • Advanced Drying and Dehumidification Techniques
  • Navigating Insurance Claims for Water Damage
  • Best Practices in Customer Communication and Service

Date: [Completion Date]
Authorized Signature: [Signature]
Name: [Name of the Authorizer]
Position: [Position at Metrix Restoration]

Advancing Your Journey

With this certification, you are now equipped with the specialized skills and knowledge required to effectively tackle water damage scenarios, beyond the scope of traditional plumbing. This makes you a vital asset to homeowners and businesses alike, and positions you as a leading professional in your field.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Metrix Restoration, we are committed to driving excellence and innovation in water damage mitigation and restoration. This program is a key part of our mission to build a network of highly-skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing top-notch services and solutions to the community.

Joining Hands with Metrix Restoration

For those plumbers who have successfully completed this program, we extend a warm welcome to the Metrix family. As part of our network, you will have access to ongoing support, resources, and opportunities for collaboration and growth.

A Big Thank You!

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants of the Metrix Mitigation Plumber 40-Hour Continued Training Program. Your enthusiasm and dedication have made this program a resounding success. A special thanks to our trainers, guest speakers, and all the staff who made this program possible.

Congratulations once again to all the graduates! We are excited to see the positive impact you will make in the field and the community.

Plumbers interested in enrolling in future sessions of our Metrix Mitigation Plumber 40-Hour Continued Training Program are encouraged to contact us for more information.

Specail Recognition goes out to Smooth Plumbing and Gas for sucessfully completing the Metrix Water Damage Mitigation Plumbers Training Class.

For you all your plumbing and gas needs be sure to call our plumbing partner.

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How Plumbing Leaks cause Water Damage and Mold

How Plumbing Leaks cause Water Damage and Mold











Facts About Plumbing Leaks and Mold

  • A plumbing leak will cause mold

  • Structural Drying is needed for most plumbing leaks

  • Plumbing CAN be covered by insurance

How plumbing leaks cause water damage and mold?

Homeowners know that a small leak does not automatically equate to water damage, but homeowners are not so clear on how long it takes for a small leak to grow into mold or water damage problem.

A water leak can cause mold growth in as little as 24 hours. Likewise, it may also take a homeowner years to discover mold contamination.

  • Time and Germ levels are the major variables of how plumbing leaks cause water damage and mold.

3 Facts plumbers should know about mold:

  1. Where there is a leak there is mold.
  2. There is microscopic, so if you can see if, there is a problem.
  3. Mold growth indicates water damage and the need for mitigation.

Homeowner Tip #1

Prevent the need to kill mold by keeping your home clean and dry. Routine cleaning and maintenance are the best ways to keep your home or office mold free. Maintaining free air flow circulation is the next major recommendation. Air flow prevents mold from settling to grow. A clean, dry, well-ventilated room is least likely to grow mold.

How often do plumbers find mold or water damage?

Less than 15% of plumbing service calls are in response to water damage or flood in progress. On the other hand, over 90% of water damage and mold is plumbing related.

Structural drying and the application of antimicrobial should be standard with any leak service plumbing invoice. Uneducated plumbers fail to make these recommendations mold as standard mold prevention, costing their customers thousands of dollars within two years.

  • Bathroom Vanity Mold Prevention Structural Drying = $500

  • Bathroom Mold Remediation = $2500

Signs of Mold Growth

Only the best plumbers will be committed to educating themselves on how mold remediation and water damage go hand in hand.

The more a plumber understands about water damage and mold, the more value a plumber can provide to their customers.

Plumbers should always be on the lookout for mold because whenever there is a leak mold will grow.

This is why Mold Metrix seeks to work with and educate plumbers. Together, plumbers and water damage mitigation professionals can effectively prevent mold growth and save customers money.

  • Odors

  • High Humidity

  • High Moisture Levels

  • Poor Air Circulation

Should plumbers inspect for mold?

Plumbers do not inspect for mold. When you call a plumber, their primary focus is:

1.Finding a plumbing leak

2. Repairing a plumbing leak

Plumbing leak detection is the professional service required when filing a water damage mitigation claim. A proper plumbers’ report will define the source of a water leak.

If a leak happens suddenly or accidentally, there is a 50% chance that the plumbers’ invoice can be reimbursed by insurance.

Plumbers do not bill insurance companies as standard operating procedure. Therefore, most customers and plumbers alike do not know how get to plumbing covered by homeowners’ insurance.

Plumbers Serving Northern Virginia

Fortunately, Mold Metrix works with some of the best plumbers in Northern Virginia. Smooth Plumbing is one of our preferred plumbing partners. The owner is a licensed master plumber in the state of Virginia and provides a one stop shop for mitigation plumbing services. We highly recommend Smooth plumbing for your plumbing needs located.

Smooth Plumbing strives to bring value to their customers, not only with excellent plumbing service, but by going above and beyond by educating their plumbing staff about mold and water damage.


This reflects the Mold Metrix mission which is to move our customer from stress to satisfaction.

  • We believe that when a customer knows more about their mold mitigation and plumbing issues, they can better deal with the natural stress of these projects.

Are plumbers liable for spreading mold contamination?

Many times, homeowners have remodeling plans and at some point in the process they discover mold. One example is replacing cabinets. Removing old cabinets is highly likely to uncover hidden mold growth. This is what happened with a plumbing partner who was called out for a kitchen remodel in Alexandria.

Any Contractor Can Be Held Liable For Mold Cross Contamination

The previous homeowner had several leaks that caused significant water damage, now there was visible mold growth. Smooth Plumbing was able to recognize that mold was growing downstairs on the overhead joist system. Mold Metrix later discovered mold growth behind the kitchen walls and under the vinyl floors.


Most common areas plumbers discover mold:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Unfinished Ceilings with Plumbing and Water Lines

Plumbing and Mold Safety

When a plumber is able to recognize mold and water damage they become more valuable to their customer. Customer become eligible to receive a FREE onsite mold and water damage inspection when referred by a plumber in the Metrix Connection.

Onsite estimates for mold removal are not free; however, when our plumbing partners refer mold jobs customers win. Whenever mold is involved, safety must come first. Working with the plumber allows us to safely coordinate all aspects of a mold removal or water mitigation project. Having a clearly defined remediation protocol is the first step:

  • Proper

  • Preparation

  • Prevents

  • Poor

  • Performance

If your or someone you know has a plumbing leak and is in need of mold removal choose Metrix over the Matter, because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.









Water Damage Repairs and Plumbing 2023

Water Damage Repairs and Plumbing 2023

Metrix Provides Water Damage Repairs

The best water damage restoration companies provide complete water mitigation services including repairs and plumbing.  Metrix Restoration is always working to develop our organization to better serve our customers.  The quality of our organization has evolved as water mitigation contractors.  Flood Metrix now provides not only water removal and mold remediation services, but we also provide water damage repairs and plumbing.

Most customers prefer the convenience of hiring a water mitigation contractor who can also complete repairs.  The simplicity of making only one phone call for water removal and repairs reduces the need to involve multiple contractors, which can lengthy water mitigation repair delays.  Water mitigation often involves the removal of drywall and flooring; most customers can bear finding a flooring contractor, but many homeowners are annoyed by the idea of waiting to repair the holes in their walls.

Water Damage Drywall Repairs

Drywall installation is one of the first water damage repair services we started to offer.  This includes replacing and repairing wet or damaged baseboards, doors, and door trim, but not to exclude other finished materials such as crown molding.  Finish materials are easily affected by water damage and are often unsalvable and need to be replaced. Of course, completing a drywall repairs project includes removing and reinstalling any wet insulation and painting the walls.

Water Mitigation Floor Repairs

Homeowners who have water damage and need repairs often can “look on the Brightside of their situation” and turn the misfortune of water damage into a positive by getting around to some repairs they had been putting off.  Water damage will inspire a homeowner to make improvements that they’ve been putting off such as flooring upgrades.  Homeowners will proceed with plans to remodel kitchen and bathrooms, living rooms and family rooms alike, because the timing is now perfect. A major part of the water mitigation repair process is new floor installation. This is why Metrix Restoration provides floor installation for water damage projects.  By adding floor installation, we can provide more of our customers’ needs and to get them back to whole after the experience of a water damage.

Water Damage Repairs and Plumbing

Our mission is to move a customer from stress to satisfaction and we want to add value in as many ways as possible.  Water damage and Plumbing go hand in hand, which is why we have teamed up with Perfected HVAC and Plumbing to add plumbing services to our catalog.  We can now work to prevent water damage by catching the leak early and prevent leaks with proper plumbing.  Sometimes it’s too late and the damage is done, and in those situations, Metrix has you covered.  There’s often no sign to indicate when a pipe is going to bust or when an appliance will fail, but when it happens Metrix is your number 1 choice to get you up and back to normal again.

Insurance Accepted, financing Available

Water Damage Repairs Project Co-Ordination

Providing more water damage restoration services under one company allows us to better coordinate mitigation repair projects and reduces time wasted.  The added convenience of mitigation, plumbing and repairs from the same company also reduces the inconvenience experienced by a customer after water mitigation.  Metrix Restoration didn’t always provide water mitigation repair services, we started by simply focusing on water mitigation.  Being able to demo, decontaminate, and dry out is still our bread-and-butter business.  

It was out of the need and desire to serve our customers more completely that we expanded into mitigation repairs.  So many customers wanted us to at least put the drywall back in place once the home was dry.  However, we didn’t want to begin offering services without being able to ensure a masterful level of service to minimize the risk to our reputation as water damage mitigation and plumbing professionals.  Doing a great job on the water mitigation repairs is equally important to the water damage restoration project.

Water Damage Repairs Quality Assurance

We had to take our time to develop and get our standard operating procedures established so that we could do just as good a job in installing the drywall as we do the water removal services.  This also applies to putting down flooring, installing a bathroom vanity or installing a new sump pump or water heater.  We need to be able to provide these services to our customers without error. Metrix is now in position to bring that high level of quality service and masterful execution to our customers in need of water mitigation repairs.

Metrix Offers Water Damage, Plumbing and Mold Remediation

Regardless of the previous water damage, the fact that there is a new leak with a new plumbing issue means that this homeowner is entitled to coverage with their homeowners’ policy. The homeowner’s insurance would be responsible for covering the water damage and mold remediation repairs but would not cover the mold remediation line items associated with the project. The reason being is that obviously there was pre-existing water damage which were never addressed; therefore, homeowners’ insurance is not responsible. However, homeowners’ insurance would be responsible for all damages associated with the new water damage including structural drying, retiling the bathroom tub and drywall repairs associated with the water damage. No portion of the plumbing would be able to be billed back to water damage claim.

Water Damage Repairs and Customer Satisfaction

The advantage of offering water damage mitigation repairs is that most water damage restoration companies don’t provide repairs.  Less than 60% of water damage contractors in Northern Virginia provide repairs, leaving 60% or more water mitigation customers left to find another contractor for water damage repairs.  The Metrix customer experience is superior to others with the added benefit of being able to take care of the mitigation repairs with one contractor.   Our unique ability also allows us to establish better customer relations.  This is important because at Metrix, residential water damage is 60% personal and 40% business.

The relationships we develop by offering water mitigation repairs allows us to optimize our reputation in the community.  Offering repairs allows us to market services people need more commonly. By offering plumbing services we are able to fulfill our customers’ needs from the time that the first water loss occurs, to stopping the leak, water removal, and water damage repairs. If you or somebody you know needs water damage repairs choose Metrix over the Matter, because the Power to Change the Matter is in the Metrix.

Mold Remediation: Bathroom Mold Removal and Plumbing 2023

Mold Remediation: Bathroom Mold Removal and Plumbing 2023

Mold Remediation: Bathroom Plumbing and Mold

A customer called me out because they discovered some mold in the ceiling corner of their kitchen pantry.  As I spoke with the customer and listened to the details he was able to provide, I thought to myself there’s a real chance that this may be covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy.  Plumbing leaks causing water damage and mold can be covered by insurance. We were able to schedule an onsite mold inspection for the very same day.

Black Mold Discovered

As an IICRC certified mold and water damage restoration professional I understood stachybotrys aka “black mold” cannot grow without a constant source of water. Stachybotrys is not like aspergillus or penicillium mold, which are able to grow with only elevated humidity. Black mold, however, cannot survive on humidity alone and needs to have a constant source of water to begin its sporulation process.

Plumbing Leaks and Mold

Equipped with this knowledge my investigation expanded upstairs into the bathroom to better interpret the source of this water damage. Directly above the kitchen pantry was the master bathroom. There was a large jacuzzi tub, along with a toilet and bidet installed on the far side of the bathroom. The customer reported not using the tub, so we initially estimated that the water damage was caused by failed plumbing associated with the toilet. According to PHP Plumbing, most homeowners do not use there jacuzzi tub on a regular basis, so the customer not using the tub did not seem unusual. I was excited to have discovered the cause of the mold downstairs.

Mold Remediation Documentation

Throughout my mold inspection I was careful to document all water damage. Mold remediation project documentation was very important on this project because there was a big possibility that insurance would cover most of the costs associated with this mold removal project. Once I had created my initial report, I contacted the homeowner’s insurance adjuster. The adjuster was willing to provide coverage if we were able to document a new plumbing leak and prove that the mold growth was not due to a lack of maintenance on the homeowner’s part.

Insurance Accepted, financing Available

Plumber’s Report and Mold Removal

The insurance company wanted to make sure that they were covering a water damage and plumbing failure which could be classified as setting or accidental. Homeowners insurance will not cover mold removal that cannot be directly traced to a new water damage or plumbing leak. This is why a plumber’s report is critical to submitting a claim for mold or water damage coverage, because the plumber’s report states the official cause of water damage and mold.

Metrix Restoration we believe that plumbers and mold removal professionals should work together. This is why we created the Metrix Connection to better network with the best plumbers throughout our service territory.  Being able to co-ordinate mold removal projects with a plumber allows us to add more value and better serve our mold removal customers.  For this project we contacted one of our best plumbing companies in our network, Perfection HVAC and Plumbing of Northern VA.

Mold Remediation Discoveries

Upon removing the wet, mold contaminated drywall from the effected kitchen pantry, I was surprised at what I discovered. There was an obvious plumbing leak coming from above, but it wasn’t obvious where the leak was coming from. We previously estimated the water damage to be the result of failed plumbing associated with the toilet, however, the leak was coming from failed plumbing associated with the bathroom tub.

I was shocked at the amount of mold growth discovered once I removed the tile encasement of the master bathroom tub. Mold was growing all over the sub floor and had even begun to sprout as mushrooms. Mold is a fungus and under the right conditions mold will sprout in mushroom form. There were some mold mushrooms growing on the sub floor four inches high.

Leaky Bathroom Water Pipe

The mold growth mentioned above was being supported by a leaky water supply line. We were able to confirm that the adjacent water supply line had also leaked previously, causing the prior water damage to the kitchen pantry. The plumbing and water leak were previously repaired; however, the water damage was never properly mitigated by the previous homeowner. In addition to the water leak being repaired, the wet water damaged drywall of the kitchen pantry should have also been removed, so that the subfloor could be dried from below and above.

Once we were able to discover and confirm that the prior water damage the prior leak was repaired, we could now prove to the insurance adjuster that this was indeed a new water damage. However, the age of this new leak was still a mystery. What we do know for certain is that the customer reported seeing black mold on the kitchen pantry developing only recently, which supports a plumbing failure which is sudden or accidental and not due to lack of maintenance on the homeowner’s part. However, the presence of four-inch mold mushrooms growing in the same area, indicate severe water damage unaddressed for an extended period of time.

Metrix Offers Water Damage, Plumbing and Mold Remediation

Regardless of the previous water damage, the fact that there is a new leak with a new plumbing issue means that this homeowner is entitled to coverage with their homeowners’ policy. The homeowner’s insurance would be responsible for covering the water damage and mold remediation repairs but would not cover the mold remediation line items associated with the project. The reason being is that obviously there was pre-existing water damage which were never addressed; therefore, homeowners’ insurance is not responsible. However, homeowners’ insurance would be responsible for all damages associated with the new water damage including structural drying, retiling the bathroom tub and drywall repairs associated with the water damage. No portion of the plumbing would be able to be billed back to water damage claim.

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