Metrix Restoration Joins Top 25% of Water and Damage Mitigation Companies Nationwide

Metrix Restoration Joins Top 25% of Water and Damage Mitigation Companies Nationwide











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Groundbreaking Expansion in Service Offerings Fueled by Strategic Joint Venture with Top Notch Moving Services

Metrix Restoration, a reputed name in the IICRC-certified water damage restoration sector, has achieved a monumental milestone by entering the top 25% of water mitigation, fire damage restoration, and mold removal companies nationwide. This leap in status is primarily the result of a strategic joint venture with Top Notch Moving Services, enabling Metrix Restoration to expand its suite of services and scale its operations to unprecedented heights.

The Catalyst for Growth: Joint Venture with Top Notch Moving Services

Khonsol Badu, Chief Executive Officer of Metrix Restoration, noted, “Joining hands with Top Notch Moving Services has been the catalyst for this transformation. Not only did this partnership grant us sufficient commercial space, but it also broadened our capabilities in an extremely lucrative sector—fire damage restoration.”

The alliance with Top Notch Moving Services has availed Metrix Restoration of ample commercial storage space that has subsequently empowered the company to offer a wider array of services. This includes the highly lucrative field of fire damage restoration, which traditionally requires a larger footprint for operations including pack-out, storage, and content restoration services.

10X Growth Enhancing Collaboration

Balthazar, Executive Director of Top Notch Moving Services, hailed the partnership as a “boon to the restoration industry,” stating that, “the ability to provide a seamless transition from damage assessment to restoration to pack out to move-back is the way customers want it. This collaboration has positioned us to deliver exactly that.”

The joint venture is set to redefine the restoration process by providing a one-stop solution that addresses both structural and content restoration while minimizing the hassle typically associated with multiple service providers. Clients can now avail themselves of an integrated package that meets all their restoration and moving needs under one roof.

Bridging The Gap In Damage Restoration

“Most water damage scenarios come with their fair share of complications that extend beyond just drying and dehumidification,” says Badu. “Valuable possessions often need to be moved out, stored securely, and restored before the property is livable again. This joint venture allows us to fill that gap in the market with an unparalleled suite of services.”

By partnering with Top Notch Moving Services, Metrix Restoration can provide secure, climate-controlled storage options, skilled pack-out services, and high-quality contents restoration. This is in addition to their already robust portfolio of water damage restoration services that range from damage assessment and mitigation to reconstruction.

Comprehensive Damage Restoration Services

Breaking into the exclusive top 25% of water and damage mitigation companies is no small feat. Metrix Restoration now stands among less than a quarter of companies in the U.S. that offer such a comprehensive range of services.

“The market for fire damage restoration is highly competitive and requires significant resources,” said Badu. “Only well-staffed, well-resourced organizations with secured storage facilities can afford to operate in this space. We are proud to be among that elite group.” This includes:

Pack-out: Utilizing specialized equipment and trained professionals, Metrix Restoration now assists with the careful removal and transport of items from damaged areas to a secure storage facility.

Storage: Top Notch Moving Services offers secure, climate-controlled storage facilities that ensure clients’ possessions are kept in optimal conditions. This is especially crucial when it comes to preserving sensitive items that could otherwise suffer further damage.

Contents Restoration: Under the same roof, clients can now access expert contents restoration services for items that have been damaged by water, fire, or mold. These services ensure that as many of your possessions as possible are restored to their original condition. In addition to:

– Water Damage Mitigation

– Fire Damage Restoration

– Mold Remediation

– Plumbing

– Repairs

What does this means for Metrix Customers?

  • A One-Stop Solution
  • A Boon for Insurance Carriers: The expansion in service offerings makes Metrix Restoration an ideal partner for a diverse range of clients. Insurance carriers benefit from the streamlined process and reduced number of vendors they must coordinate with.
  • Government Agencies: State and federal agencies find value in a vendor capable of providing a multi-faceted service array, from mitigation to final repair.
  • Homeowners: Homeowners stand to benefit the most, as they now have access to a one-stop shop for all their water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation needs—complete with pack-out and storage services for their precious belongings.

Future Projections 

Metrix Restoration aims to consolidate its new standing in the industry by continually upgrading service quality and expanding its geographic reach.

“We’ve set a new benchmark for ourselves and the industry at large,” says Badu. “This is just the beginning, and we’re excited about the road ahead.”

The partnership is in its nascent stages, but both companies are confident that the venture will provide exponential value to their customer base. With the increased efficiencies and capabilities, Metrix Restoration and Top Notch Moving Services aim to become the preferred choice for clients facing water damage crises, both big and small.

“We’re not just setting a new standard for our companies; we’re setting a new standard for the industry,” says Badu. “We look forward to providing our clients with the comprehensive, high-quality services they deserve.”

This joint venture represents a new chapter in restoration and moving services, promising unmatched quality and convenience for clients. Metrix Restoration continues its commitment to excellence, now with the added capabilities of Top Notch Moving Services, marking a significant milestone in the industry.

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