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What makes Mold Metrix the Best Mold Mitigation Company in Dumfries VA 22026?

It is our willing to become 100% consciously and sub-consciously committed to the expression of EXCELLENCE through the mold removal service industry in Dumfries VA 22026.  Restoring your Dumfries VA home or office to a condition 1 mold level is the primary technical objective of any mold remediation project.  However, this is simply basic compared to the Mold Metrix Mission, which is to move our customers living in 22026 from “Stress to Satisfaction.”

Mold Removal Health & Safety in Dumfries VA 22026

At all times, health and safety must remain at the center any mold restoration or decontamination project.  The home and business owners of Dumfries VA in need of professional mold remediation services are valuable to our community and must not be taken advantage of by “predatory sales technicians” who care more about the money than they do You our Your health.  Mold Metrix is a professional mold remediation company headed by an IICRC certified mold remediation service professional.  Many times, Dumfries VA customers hear the terms “mold removal and mold remediation,” but do not understand the “tricky marketing language” used by shady companies to fool unsuspecting homeowners in Dumfries VA 22026.

Metrix Values


Do not be fooled by companies offering the simply “FOG OUT” and “Decontaminate” but not REMOVE UNSALVAGABLE/MOLDY MATTERIALS; especially cellulous based materials such as drywall, baseboards or crown molding.”

This is a SCAM and is not an IICRC Approved mold remediation practice, many of these fraudulent mold remediation service providers confuse Dumfries VA 22026 customers with the phrase “mold removal,” which is one aspect of the complete mold remediation process, generally applied to salvable material.  Moldy drywall and baseboards are classified by the IICRC and the entire officially recognized body of Restorers in Dumfries VA 22026, the US and Canada as UNSALVAABLE. 

The Metrix Method

Dumfries VA mold remediation is not fumigation, mold is not a pest; is an intelligent organic fungus that “takes-root” in organic material.  Therefore, you cannot remediate mold by spraying and wiping it away until it is no longer visible, because the MOLD HAS ROOTS.  Scammers convince Dumfries VA homeowners the mold is gone and even offer surface mold testing to confirm results.  Uneducated homeowners living in Dumfries VA 22026 have never been taught that the reason why mold comes back is because of the roots and therefore they should not waste thousands of dollars on incomplete “mold removal” services in Dumfries VA 22026.

Planning & Organizing Mold Remediation in Dumfries VA 22026

We understand that you are a busy home or business owner living in Dumfries VA seeking to find a trusted mold cleanup and restoration company.  The first step after discovering mold in your Dumfries VA home or office is to call Mold Metrix located in 22026.  Unlike emergency water damage mitigation, the nature of mold remediation allows the Dumfries VA property owner enough time to call a professional mold mitigation company and even get a second option. 

Keeping our mission to move you from “Stress to Satisfaction” at the core of every recommendation we make is important, because as a Dumfries VA homeowner you don’t deal with mold remediation often.  During these stressful times as a homeowner in 22026 you and your family deserve the smoothest mold remediation experience possible.  To achieve this goal why not choose Mold Metrix over your Dumfries VA mold remediation and removal Matter?


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Next simply add your referral code to the comments section of each post you engage with on social media from Mold Metrix.  Dumfries VA customers can track their customer credit from their customer portal.  In this way, having an account is similar to having a “service policy” that you pay for with follows, likes & comments.  Mold Metrix customers in Dumfries VA can be entertained while they help us promote the Metrix brand.

Mold Metrix sets the standard of excellence for Mold Remediation contractors in Dumfries, VA.  We understand the science backing our industry and the psychological effects of stress inherent to mold removal projects.  Our goal is to move you from stress to satisfaction as our professional staff restores your home or office to a pre-mold loss condition.  Mold Estimates are FREE and can be provided Same Day as Scheduled. 

Mold Metrix offers the best customer experience and mold decontamination prices in Dumfries VA 22026 and we back this statement with our Price Match Guarantee.  Additionally, we offer all mold removal customers a  service warranty & satisfaction guarantee.

Receive a $25 service credit when you create an account and an Additional 10% off Mold Remediation in Dumfries, VA 22026

Dumfries VA 22026 Mold Remediation Convenience & Ease

Mold Metrix provides FREE same day mold remediation estimates to Dumfries VA home and commercial property owners.  Free mold remediation assessments are provided as one means to educate our potential customers about the nature of mold remediation as it relates specifically to their issue.  We aim to provide a better sense of standard mold mitigation and remediation protocol per IICRC S520 along with price ranges for typical mold cleanup projects in Dumfries VA.

Mold remediation and testing

At Mold Metrix we have a saying; providing mold cleaning and decontamination services to Dumfries VA homeowners is 60% Personal and 40% Business.  On the other hand; commercial mold testing and remediation projects are 60% Business and 40% Personal.  Either way we look at it, the customer relationship aspect plays heavily in the Dumfries VA mold remediation service industry.  Providing mold removal services is a laborious and hazardous job, just as experiencing the need for mold remediation services can be equally stressful.

To help ease the stress inherent to water damage mold mitigation projects we believe that “Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance.  As a professional mold damage restoration company serving Dumfries VA 22026, Mold Metrix must remain prepared to assist so that we may properly support our customers without breaking under the pressure of customer service.

Dumfries VA Mold Remediation Price Match and Service Guarantee

At Mold Metrix we believe in transparency, as it nurtures customer trust and relationships.    We extend a customer service guarantee so that you know your investment is protected; along with our mold remediation price match guarantee so you know you’re receiving a fair price.  Mold Metrix only extends our price match offer to estimate written IICRC certified mold remediation professionals using industry standard estimating software program Xactimate.


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