Mold Removal 

Over the years I have done a lot of work for Marines stationed at Quantico Marine Base, mostly mold remediation jobs. Oftentimes, marines will rent or own a property and experience a mold issue.  Several marines over the years have left stunning recommendations for Mold Metrix.  Referrals have come from officers and enlisted service personnel stationed at Quantico.

Mold Remediation Standards

Credentials are a major part of contracting with the government, state or even with the marines, so when you do a project it’s very important for someone to have the designated qualifications to officially verify that a job was done to standard.  I was in the military previously, so I have firsthand knowledge of how this works.  This system of quality assurance is something I took with me from my military career into serving the commercial and residential markets.  I believe that the Mold Metrix customer respects a service professional who is both experienced and credentialed.  Mold Metrix service professionals are highly trained and are sure to meet or exceed all industry standards.

Mold Removal Documentation

In the military, it’s important that a project be documented, so this is also true regarding a mold remediation project done for the marines.  Fortunately, project documentation comes standard with Mold Metrix.  I was contacted by the Marines with regards to a military vehicle that had been exposed to water damage and was suffering from mold contamination.  After fitting the criteria for this project and understanding what it means to work with the military, we were able to get a contract signed.  The next step was to get approval for the fee to come out and inspect the project.  I reached out to Alex Automotive of Woodbridge VA to inspect the vehicle ventilation system as it is always important to use specific trade professionals for quality assurance on mold remediation projects.

Mold Contamination

The key to this project, or to doing any mold remediation project concerning a vehicle is the air filtration system.  You don’t want to have a person sitting in the car, breathing in mold.  We want to be sure that when the vehicle is turned on the AC, heater, or the fan is not mold blowing from the ventilation system into the vehicle, contaminating air and putting the occupants at risk. When restoring a vehicle that has been water damaged and is now suffering from mold, not only do we need to remove all unsalvageable material to clean and decontaminate the vehicle, but we must also clean and decontaminate the air filtration system as well.  This means taking apart the dash, cleaning out the air filtration system, changing the filter and putting everything back together.

IICRC S500 and S520 Mold Remediation Standard

Mold Remediation Credentials

After a vehicle has been cleaned and decontaminated from mold, the next step is to conduct sampling lab analysis to confirm that the project was completed to standard. Once the vehicle passes inspection a mold remediation inspector can sign off on the project.  The IICRC certification for mold removal is the AMRT.  This is the “applied microbial remediation technician” certification and is the actual credential it is necessary to possess when conducting mold remediation for the military or doing business with the government.

The IICRC AMRT is not the same as having a water damage restoration technician certification; the two go together like peanut butter and Jelly.  Water damage restoration and mold remediation can’t be separated because they are two sides of the same coin.  You can be a water damage professional and do mold remediation.  From being an apprentice, to a journeyman, to a master wanted damage restoration professional, the AMRT for mold remediation is an advanced certification that not many technicians have.

Certified Mold Removal Professionals

Less than 40% of water damage remediation professionals who are practicing mold remediation have the IICRC ARMT certification, even though this is the industry standard.  Mold Metrix is the type of company that meets all of the required standards.  We are the company that checks all the boxes, not only can we do mold remediation, but we have the certifications and insurance to do in the state of Virginia.  There is no trade license required for mold remediation, but we are legitimate contractors with all the industry certifications and insurance to be able to contract for mold mediation as well as water damage restoration.

Insurance Accepted, financing Available

Best Mold Remediation Company 2023

Mold Metrix also provides mold repairs to better serve our customers.  We are proud to offer mold repair and reconstruction services including drywall and flooring.  This helps us to be an overall better company and to create stronger relationships with related trade contractors, especially plumbers.  If you or somebody you know has water damage or is in need of mold removal, then choose Mold Metrix over the matter, because the power to change the matter is in the Metrix.  If you’re looking for a company that fits all the boxes and has all the certifications, offers good business, quality service at fair industry prices, then you’re looking for Mold Metrix.  Mold Metrix is looking to serve all of your mold remediation and water damage needs, including mold repairs.  Don’t forget to visit us online at and schedule a free virtual estimate.

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