Emergency Plumbing and Water Mitigation in DC

According to Capital Plumbing Services located in Washington, DC there Two Main Residential Plumbing Problems: Leaks and Backups.

The most expensive emergency plumbing residential project in Washington DC is a sewer line backup.  Sewer lines run underground, so unfortunately these types of plumbing issues are usually not discovered until a large water damage restoration problem manifests.  Most emergency plumbers recommend having the sewer line “snaked” once every two years.  Sewage backup coverage is highly recommended, especially for older homes.

Common Causes of Water Damage in Washington DC

  • Leaky Or Broken Water Pipes And Connections

  • Sump Pump Failure

  • Bathroom Plumbing Failure

  • Kitchen Plumbing Failure

  • Laundry Room Plumbing Failure

  • Drain Clog

  • Sewer Line Back Up

  • Water Heater Failure

  • Leaky Roofs

  • Foundation Cracks

  • Heavy Rain And Storms

Has your plumber been trained to recognize water damage?  According to Metrix Research, less than 20% of plumbers know more about water damage than their customer and therefore, do not know when to recommend the services of a water damage restoration provider. To any plumber who may read this article, do you consider yourself trained to recognize water damage and are you on the lookout for mold and water damage for homeowners?  Or are you mostly trained to focus on the specific plumbing issue?

Plumbers Role In Water Damage Restoration

The plumbers’ job is to evaluate all issues specifically related to the plumbing issue itself, not necessarily the water damage.  Flood Metrix suggests that plumbers should be trained to recognized water damage and mold.  In most cases when a plumber goes to fix a leaky sink, the sink has already been leaking for some time.  Most likely, the vanity has been water damaged by elevated moisture content levels and is now able to support mold growth which may be hidden or primed to develop. 

 If your bathroom sink, toilet, or tub overflows, and the plumbers arrives to wet squishy carpet, a water damage restoration professional should be contacted immediately.  Even if the water only touches the edge of the carpet.  In an emergency water damage mitigation situation like this, the baseboards, drywall behind the baseboards, wall studs, bathroom vanity, carpet, carpet pad, and tack strips are all likely to have water damaged.  The water may cause an additional $1000 worth of damage, and that’s not enough to file a water damage claim with your insurance.  However, a $1000 job today and easily become a $3000 water damage tomorrow.

How Plumbers Influence Water Damage Mitigation Claims

Every water damage restoration contractor and insurance company doesn’t have the homeowners’ best interest at heart.  Therefore, the best way for Flood Metrix to serve the customer is by understanding the plumbing, water damage restoration, and reconstruction aspect of mitigation claims.  Likewise, it is equally beneficial for a plumber to understand water damage restoration.

 The details of how plumbers influence water damage mitigation claims is enough for a water damage company to work closely with a plumber or provide services in house because there are too many details to explain during an emergency mitigation.  For example, I have a water damage customer with a failed pipe.  I had time to time to find you on the BBB website, but I don’t have time to explain to you how you can benefit from this particular process. I need to be able to have a relationship with a plumber in order to educated them about how all this works together.  Unfortunately, many plumbers don’t have the time or the attention available to for this level of quality service.

Metrix Emergency Plumbing

My career as a water damage restoration professional mission isn’t all about money, it’s about making a positive impact on the community I serve, and within the mitigation industry. There are lots of technicians who get taken advantage of in the industry because they don’t know how to demonstrate their total value.  More businesses are designed to generate a profit than are designed to provide fair service for fair compensation.  Technicians are not taught to serve the customer, but to rather how to a write a ticket.  “I’m gonna show up, I’m gonna write a ticket, because that’s what I gotta do”.  I find the best way to combat this is with training and professional development.   Being able to solve more of that customers’ needs allows you to focus on solving more that customers’ needs.  Greater compensation is a natural result.

When plumbers and water damage restoration professionals network, they synergize service efforts.  The consequence is a professional legitimacy recognized by customers, industry professionals, and search engines alike. Having credible plumbing and emergency water removal sources come together online sends a powerful authority signal to Google.

Usually, the relationship between a water damage restoration company and a plumber is generally basic and doesn’t go much further beyond “lead exchange.”  However, there is much more value to be discovered.  For example, when an insurance company is trying to determine the source of a water damage, the plumber report is used as the official source document outlining the source.  A plumbers’ report is supported by the water damage mitigation report.  These two reports are primarily what determines if the claim is covered or not.  

The Goal of Combining Water Mitigation with Plumbing

Ultimately my goal as a business owner is to develop the Metrix brand into a highly prosperous organization able support high paying careers people can retire from.  I want build something impactful.  I define myself as a blue-collar executive, but unfortunately, many service professionals don’t even look at ourselves as professionals.  We don’t even think what we do is important or valuable, but many service professionals make more money than people who have master degrees.

I’ve done studies and have found that many master degree positions start around $65,000.  You could be a service professional and make more money than a person who has a far higher formal education.  This is reality and part of value that we bring to the communities we serve in Washington, DC.  Combining plumbing with water removal services make the entire claims process simpler and more convenient for the customer.  At the same time, it builds a stronger company, capable of attracting and training better talent at executive, management, technical levels.

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