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Water removal is one of the most critical steps in the water damage cleanup and water damage restoration process.  Some would argue that this is the most important aspect of water damage restoration. However; after the initial inspection, water removal is unarguably the first step to a success water damage cleanup.

There are many tools one can use for water removal, including a bucket, mop, and squeegee.  However, these tools are primarily for homeowners, not professional water damage restoration companies. Water extraction wands and extractors are the primary tools used by professionals. There are a verity of water removal extractors and wands by professionals and this article will highlight only a few.

The first water removal tool I want to mention is a basic carpet wand. This tool can be used with almost any water extractor. Because of its hard metal suction opening, a carpet wand is generally used on soft or carpeted surfaces.  A rubber cover may to added to the suction opening of this tool to make it more versatile, allowing the carpet wand to be used on both hard and soft surfaces. In many water removal projects a carpet wand may be used together with a squeegee mop to remove all standing water from flooring.

Carpet wands are used to extract surface water but are not effective for sub-surface water removal which requires specialty equipment. Special equipment has been designed for both hard and soft surfaces.  In general, what this means is that you can not use specialty sub-surface equipment designed for soft surfaces on hard surfaces.  A water claw and rover are both examples of specialty water removal equipment designed for soft surfaces.  Having these tools available for a project is imperative to your success as a water damage restoration professional.  Not only do these tools save you time, labor and increase profits; they also save your customer money and reduce stress.  Remember, your customers’ experience will be remembered long after the price has been forgotten.

A good floor drying system is an absolute must have for any water damage restoration company.  This specialty drying equipment is used to remove water trapped under hard surfaces, specifically hardwood floors.  Water removal on a hardwood surface without the use of a floor drying system is sure to leave a floor damaged and needing to be replaced.


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