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Water Damage Restoration 

What should I expect to happen during a flood or water damage restoration?

            As an IICRC Certified Master Water Damage Professional serving Prince William County, Virginia, and surrounding cities within a 33-mile radius; I am inspired to share this article as it contains both valuable and insightful information about emergency water extraction, flood damage restoration, drying out a flood and more.

Homeowner Authorization

The flood & water damage company you hire will need to collect some initial information to best serve you and your home or office.  Most companies will require direct authorization from the property owner in the form of a signed service agreement before recognizing anyone else as an authorized agent.  This standard operating procedure for water damage restoration is for both liability & quality assurance.  Flood Metrix in Northern, Virginia will send a NO OBLIGATION service agreement for electronic signature to the homeowner. 

Initial Details for an emergency water removal

            When calling in for an emergency water removal service, the operator will ask for some initial damage details.  Some questions you may be asked include: How many levels and rooms are affected with water damage?  Do the flooded areas contain furniture?  Do the flooded areas have carpets or hard floor surfaces?  Are there any residents in the flooded home or office that with health issue, asthma, or allergies?  Does the water damaged property have electricity? 

Having these details on file can help your emergency water damage company ensure your project runs smoothly & in the shortest time possible.  Flood Metrix can provide live link video chat to help collect initial details and water damage information.

Free Flood & Water Damage Estimates in Northern, Virginia and surrounding cities within a 33-mile radius of Prince William County VA

            To create an accurate water damage estimate and complete water damage project scope, your estimator will need to take a lot of pictures for documentation purposes.  A good estimator will capture both what is affected and unaffected for liability and insurance claim.  Project document should begin outside before the inspector enters the property; important information such as temperature, relative humidity, picture of the property & available parking are examples of flood damage information collected outside of a property.

In addition to snapshot photos, Flood Metrix uses doc-u-sketch cameras to create a 3D virtual tour of each flood damage.  This virtual tour is created on-site and is shareable with the touch of a button.  Mold Metrix will also use thermal imaging, temperature scans, thermal hydrometers, and moisture meters to gather important flood damage details.



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