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Basement Flood Cleanup

            This week we are expecting heavy rain in the Northern VA and Southern MD area. Weather forecasts predict rainstorms for six days straight, and with that much rainwater damage cleanup companies are sure to be busy with basement floods. Basement flood damage cleanup is both expensive and time sensitive, so I put together a few tips help prevent flooding in your basement.  Keep in mind these tips to prevent basement flooding and are not listed in any order of importance.

            Many basement floods caused by heavy rains are associated with sump pump failures.  In fact, sump pump failure is considered one of the top causes of basement flooding.  With this fact in mind, I suggest checking your sump pump to make sure it is working properly.  Having a back up power source is also highly recommended.  During heavy rains land becomes saturated as rainwater soaks into the ground.  However, a sump pump works to pump that water into a sewage drain to prevent basement flooding.  Again, a properly functioning sump pump is a major key to preventing basement floods or needing basement flood cleanup.

            Of course, the foundation of your home is the main defense against basement flooding; but in Northern VA and Southern MD, a solid foundation and strong sump pump go hand in hand and really should not be separated.  This brings me to my second tip: repair any cracks in your foundation.  Most homeowners’ insurance will not cover basement flooding due to a crack in the foundation but will cover basement flooding due to a sump pump failure.  The cost of repairing a crack in the foundation of your home to prevent a basement flood is must less than the cost of basement flood cleanup and repair. 

            The next of common cause of basement flooding is water intrusion through a window water well.  All to often basements flood because of a faulty or missing window water well and in many cases, this will not be covered by insurance.  Therefore, my next tip is to check and secure all window water wells to prevent basement flooding and the need for basement flood damage restoration.

            My final tip to prevent basement flooding is obvious but is also commonly overlooked.  Check your gutters and drains to make sure they are clean and clear of debris.  With heavy rain fall it is easy for the drain at your basement door to become clogged by debris allowing rainwater to intrude and flood your basement.  Remember, proper-preparation-prevents-poor-performance so I suggest keeping an eye on these aspects to protect your home and prevent basement flooding.



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