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Mold Removal

Mold removal and water damage cannot be separated.  In fact, all mold contamination is the result of water damage.  Some people question if there are certain types of molds, such as black mold, that are more dangerous than others.  The simple answer is that any mold contamination in your home or office has the potential to cause both structural and or health hazards.

Most mold removal projects begin with a mold inspection.  Industry guidelines for mold inspections do not require lab analysis.  For example, if the substance in question looks like mold and the conditions for mold growth are present, the inspector can treat the substance as if it was in fact mold.  In other cases, before mold remediation will begin, samples will be taken to confirm the substance is indeed mold.

Lab analysis is irrefutable and lets a mold inspector know for certain if a substance is or is not mold.  Although many times mold removal can be recommended without the need for mold testing and analysis, there are cases when mold testing cannot be skipped.  For example, in cases of disagreement between a landlord and tenant.  Or in cases where residents of the effected home fall into the high-risk category and secondary areas of mold contamination need to be identified.

Once an experienced and certified mold removal expert has inspected your property, they should be able to make recommendations and prepare a remediation protocol.  Mold Metrix typically provides mold remediation estimates within 48-72 hours of the initial inspection or 24-48 hour after receiving mold testing analysis from the lab.  Most companies either test or remediate, but Mold Metrix does doth.  We offer both services to better serve our customers saving both time and money.  Although we can inspect for mold and collect samples, we cannot analysis those samples in house.  For quality assurance, mold samples are sent to an independent lab analysis.

Some mold removal/mold remediation jobs are simple, and some are more complex requiring residents to be relocated until mold remediation is complete and post remediation sampling and analysis is conducted.  However, these are the most extreme mold remediation projects.  Normally, a mold remediation project will have a primarily effected zone and 1 or 2 secondary zones.  Containment and air scrubbers will ordinarily be used on almost every mold remediation project to preserve the integrity of the indoor air quality of the property.  Identifying and sectioning off the effected zones allows residents to safety remain in their home during a mold removal project.




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