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Water Damage Cleanup in Prince William County

Flooding and water damage is a serious problem, especially when natural weather conditions increase the chances flooding.  Many people have recently experienced flooding and their homes and offices due to Hurricane Ida and needed water removal services.  Unfortunately, many homeowners are learning that their homeowner’s policy does not cover outside water intrusions and are left to cover the costs of water damage cleanup and water removal services out of pocket.

Choosing the right water removal and flood damage cleanup company is crucial, especially when you must cover all costs out of pocket.  Fortunately, the water damage restoration industry has made many advances in technology in terms of water removal and structural drying.  Hiring a company with the right knowledge, experience & equipment for the job is more than half the battle.

Not all water damage restoration companies provide high quality water removal, mold remediation, and structural drying services; all of which directly impact the health of your home or office after a flood or water damage.  The ability to provide high quality water extraction services is the key to saving you money and stress as a property owner.  Many companies can effectively remove flood water from carpet, but very few are sufficiently equipped for sub-surface water extraction.

In general, wet carpet pad from a flood or water damage is per standard “unsalvageable”, not because the pad can not be saved, but because most service providers do not have the proper equipment for these jobs.  Advanced water removal equipment and a high level of insight and understanding is required properly salvaged an effected pad.  This is important for water removal projects because 9x out of 10, if the carpet is pulled up it will not be saved.

Flood Metrix uses advanced water removal and structural drying equipment, plus our staff is highly trained and proficient.  In most cases we can salvage and restore rather than demo and repair, which costs the homeowner more money and time.  Not only can we effectively perform water extractions; Flood Metrix can also use ozone treatments and anti-bacterial injections into the carpet pad to remediate germs, bacteria, and microbial growth.

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