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Initial Call, water removal in Prince William County, VA.

I received a call from this customer late one Saturday afternoon.  He explained that a plumber had come to his house earlier to replace a sump pump and that there was “a little bit of water” in the crawlspace.  The customer also mentioned there be some mold in the crawlspace.

Based on the customers description, I suggested that we schedule service for first thing Monday morning to avoid after hour fees.  Besides the customer stated that there was only “a little bit of water”.  Monday morning comes and I arrive on-site and 9am sharp.  After exchanging some introductions and pleasantries I started my initial inspection.  However, the crawlspace conditions were not at all what I expected.

Emergency Flood Water Removal Service

Imagine my surprise when I went down into the crawlspace of this Prince William County, VA. mansion to discover mold contamination over 100% of the floor joist system.  There was also several 100’s of gallons standing ground water with an elevated humidity level of over 80%.  What I did not know from the initial call is that my customer had never actually gone down into the crawlspace himself, so he had no idea that he needed emergency water removal services and mold remediation.

Total effected area, amount of mold contamination, along with the emergency water removal services needed alone made this project difficult.  But when we add in the special considerations of the effected area being a crawlspace with no electrical outlets and no vapor barriers, plus the weather, this project quickly became a job for seasoned water and flood damage professional. Fortunately, Flood Metrix was able to provide the emergency water removal service, mold remediation and advanced structural drying this project required.

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